Translation of preferir in English:



  • to prefer la prefiero con el pelo largo I like her better o/or I prefer her with her hair long prefiero esperar aquí I'd rather wait here, I'd prefer to wait here preferiría no decírselo I'd rather not tell him, I'd prefer not to tell him preferir algo a algo to prefer sth to sth prefiere el café al té she prefers coffee to tea prefiero vivir solo a tener que compartir I prefer living on my own to having to share preferiría eso a tener que volver I'd rather that than have to go back, I'd prefer that to having to go backpreferir que + subjuntivo/subjunctive prefiero que te quedes aquí I'd rather you stayed here, I prefer you to stay here preferiría que nevara I'd rather it snowed, I'd prefer it to snow

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