Translation of privar in English:



  • 1privar a algn de algo [de un derecho] to deprive sb of sth se vio privado de su libertad he was deprived of his freedom lo privaron de la licencia he had his license taken away, he lost his license fue privado de sus bienes he had all his possessions confiscated, all his possessions were confiscated
  • 2 (Colombia, México/Colombia, Mexico) (dejar inconsciente) to knock … unconscious


  • 1 (sobresalir, destacar) en su comportamiento priva siempre la honradez her behavior is always characterized by honesty en la casa privaba un ambiente de serenidad a serene atmosphere prevailed in the house hoy día privan los avances científicos scientific advances are the important thing nowadays
  • 2 [familiar/colloquial] (gustar) (+ me/te/le etc) me privan las manzanas I adore o/or really love apples

privarse v pron

  • 1privarse de algo [de lujos/placeres] to deprive oneself of sth no se privan de nada they don't want for anything, they don't deprive themselves of anything se privó de comida para pagarlo he deprived himself of o/or he went without food to pay for it se ha privado del pan para no engordar he's stopped eating o/or he's going without bread so as not to put on weight cuando tiene ocasión de comer bien, no se priva when she gets the chance to eat well she doesn't hold back

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In Spain, a privately owned school that receives no government funds is called a colegio privado. Parents pay monthly fees. Colegios privados cover all stages of primary and secondary education.