There are 3 translations of puro in English:




  • 2 (mero, simple) (delante del nombre/before noun) es la pura verdad it's the plain o/or honest truth [familiar/colloquial] acertó por pura casualidad she got it right by pure o/or sheer chance fue pura coincidencia it was pure o/or sheer coincidence esta carne es pura grasa this meat is nothing but fat o/or is all fat es puro músculo he's all muscle lo hizo por puro capricho she did it purely on a whim se quedó dormido de puro cansancio he fell asleep from sheer exhaustion en puro invierno (Colombia) in the middle of winter
  • 3 (América Latina/Latin America) [familiar/colloquial] (solo) en esa oficina trabajan puras mujeres there are only women in that office, there aren't any men at all in that office a ese bar van puros viejos only old men go to that bar son puras mentiras it's just a pack of lies [familiar/colloquial], it's all lies

There are 3 translations of puro in English:



  • 1 (América Latina/Latin America) [familiar/colloquial] (muy, tan) se murió de puro vieja she just died of old age ni se sabe de qué color es de puro sucio que está it's so filthy you can't even tell what color it is lo hizo de puro egoísta he did it out of sheer selfishness, he did it purely out of selfishness

There are 3 translations of puro in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun


puro habano