There are 2 translations of querer in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

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There are 2 translations of querer in English:


verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 1 (amar) to love me gusta, pero no lo quiero I like him, but I don't love him o/or I'm not in love with him quiere mucho a sus sobrinos/su país he loves his nephews/his country very much quiere con locura a su nieta she absolutely dotes on her granddaughter es una persona que se hace querer he's the sort of person who endears himself to you sus alumnos lo quieren mucho his pupils are very fond of him, he's well liked by his pupils me quiere, no me quiere (al deshojar una margarita) she loves me, she loves me not ¡por lo que más quieras! ¡no me abandones! for pity's sake o/or for God's sake! don't leave me! ¡Antonio, por lo que más quieras! ¡baja el volumen! Antonio, turn the volume down, for heaven's sake o/or for goodness sake! querer bien a algn to be fond of sb, care about sb querer mal a algn to have it in for sb [familiar/colloquial] quien bien te quiere te hará llorar sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind
  • 2 2.1 (expresando deseo, intención, voluntad) quiere un tren para su cumpleaños he wants a train for his birthday ¿que querían, chicas? can I help you, girls?, what can I do for you, girls? quería un kilo de uvas I'd like a kilo of grapes quisiera una habitación doble I'd like a double room no sabe lo que quiere she doesn't know what she wants haz lo que quieras do as you like, do as you please ¿qué más quieres? what more do you want? ¿cuándo/cómo lo podemos hacer? — cuando/como tú quieras when/how can we do it? — whenever/however you like o/or any time/any way you like ¿nos vemos a las siete? — como quieras shall we meet at seven? — if you like quiera o no quiera, tendrá que hacerlo he'll have to do it, whether he likes it or not iba a llamar al médico pero él no quiso I was going to call the doctor but he wouldn't let me o/or he said no ¿quieres por esposo a Diego Sosa Díaz? — sí, quiero will/do you take Diego Sosa Díaz to be your lawfully wedded husband? — I will/do ¿qué querrán esta vez? I wonder what they want this time será muy listo y todo lo que tú quieras, pero es insoportable he may be very smart and all that, but personally I can't stand him tráemelo mañana ¿quieres? bring it tomorrow, will you? dejemos esto para otro día ¿quieres? let's leave this for another day, shall we o/or can we? querer + infinitivo/infinitive to want to + infinitivo/infinitive ¿quiere usted hacer algún comentario? do you want to o/or [formal] do you wish to make any comment? no sé si querrá hacerlo I don't know if she'll want to do it o/or if she'll do it hacía tiempo que quería decírselo I'd been meaning/wanting to tell him for some time quisiera reservar una mesa para dos I'd like to book a table for two quisiera poder ayudarte I wish I could help you ¡ya quisiera yo estar en su lugar! I'd change places with him any day! no creo que quiera prestártelo I don't think she'll (be willing to) lend it to you cuando se quiera dar cuenta será demasiado tarde by the time he realizes it'll be too late nosotros nos fuimos temprano pero él quiso quedarse we left early but he stayed/decided to stay/ wanted to stay/chose to stay no quiso escuchar razones he wouldn't listen to reason no quiso comer nada she wouldn't eat anything, she refused to eat anything quería hacerlo sola pero no habría podido she wanted to do it on her own but she wouldn't have been able to quiso hacerlo sola pero no pudo she tried to do it on her own but she couldn't querer que algn/algo + subjuntivo/subjunctive to want sb/sth to + infinitivo/infinitive quisiera que alguien me explicara por qué could someone please explain why? ¿qué quieres que traiga? what do you want o/or what would you like me to bring? ¿por qué lo dejaste entrar? — ¿qué querías que hiciera? why did you let him in? — what did you expect me to do o/or what was I supposed to do? quiso que nos quedáramos a cenar y no tuvimos más remedio she insisted we stay for dinner and we couldn't say no o/or we couldn't refuse ¿tú quieres que acabemos en la cárcel? do you want us to end up in jail?, are you trying to get us put in jail? la etiqueta quiere que uno lleve sombrero etiquette requires one to wear a hat su teoría quiere que … his theory has it that … querer es poder where there's a will there's a way 2.2 (en locuciones/in phrases) como quiera que (de cualquier manera que) however (ya que, como) [literario/literary], since como quiera que haya sido, creo que deberías disculparte whatever happened o/or it doesn't matter what happened, I still think you should apologize cuando quiera que whenever donde quiera que wherever ¡qué quieres que te diga …! quite honestly o/or frankly … ¡qué quieres que (le) haga! what can you do? ya sé que no debería fumar, pero no puedo dejarlo ¡qué quieres que le haga! I know I shouldn't smoke but well, what can you do? I can't give up quieras que no [familiar/colloquial], quieras que no, ha ido mejorando desde que fue al curandero believe it or not, she's been getting better ever since she went to see that faith healer la decisión, quieras que no, nos va a afectar a todos whether we like it or not, the decision is going to affect us all, there's no getting away from the fact that the decision is going to affect us all quieras que no, yo he notado la diferencia I have to say o/or admit that it's made a difference el quiero y no puedo, con ese quiero y no puedo inspiran hasta lástima it's rather pathetic how they're always trying to be something they aren't ¡está como quiere! (España/Spain) (México/Mexico) [familiar/colloquial] (es muy guapo, guapa) he's/she's hot stuff! [familiar/colloquial], he's/she's a bit of all right! (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] (tiene mucha suerte) some people have got it made [familiar/colloquial] 2.3 (al ofrecer algo) ¿quieres algo de beber? would you like something to drink? (menos formal) do you want something to drink? 2.4 (introduciendo un pedido)querer + infinitivo/infinitive ¿quieres pasarme el pan? could you pass me the bread, please? ¿querrías hacerme un favor? would you mind doing me a favor? ¿te quieres callar? will you be quiet?, be quiet, will you? ¿quieres hacerme el favor de no interrumpirme? would you please stop interrupting me? ¿quieres decirme qué has hecho con mi abrigo? would you mind telling me what you've done with my coat? 2.5 (como precio)querer algo por algo ¿cuánto quieres por el coche? how much do you want o/or are you asking for the car? 2.6queriendo/sin querer, estoy segura de que lo hizo queriendo I'm sure he did it on purpose o/or deliberately perdona, fue sin querer sorry, it was an accident o/or I didn't mean to no te pongas así, lo hizo sin querer don't be like that, he didn't do it deliberately o/or on purpose 2.7querer decir to mean ¿qué quiere decir 'democracia'? what does 'democracy' mean? ¿qué quieres decir con eso? what do you mean by that? 2.8 (referido a cosas inanimadas) el coche no quiere arrancar the car won't start el destino quiso que se volvieran a encontrar they were destined to meet again parece que quiere llover/nevar it looks as if it's going to rain/snow, it looks like rain/snow hace horas que quiere salir el sol the sun's been trying to break through for hours

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (quererse)