Translation of rodar in English:


verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (girar, dar vueltas) [moneda/pelota] to roll; [rueda] to go round, turn rodó escaleras abajo she went tumbling o/or she fell down the stairs el barril salió rodando cuesta abajo the barrel rolled off o/or rolled away down the slope una botella rodaba por la cubierta a bottle was rolling around (on) the deck el jinete/caballo rodó por tierra the jockey/horse fell and went tumbling o/or rolling along me tuvieron todo el día rodando de una oficina a la otra I spent all day traipsing o/or being sent from one office to another echar algo a rodar to set sth in motion mandarlo todo a rodar [familiar/colloquial] to pack o/or (inglés británico/British English) chuck it all in [familiar/colloquial] rodar bien/mal to go well o/or smoothly/badly las cosas le están rodando mal últimamente things have been going badly for him recently según cómo nos rueden las cosas depending on how things work out o/or go 1.2 [familiar/colloquial] [papeles/juguetes] unos papeles rodaban por allí there were some papers lying around siempre deja los juguetes rodando por ahí he always leaves his toys lying o/or scattered around the place
  • 2 [automóvil/moto] el coche casi no ha rodado the car has hardly been used o/or has hardly done any mileage los ciclistas ruedan a más de 100 kilómetros por hora [lenguaje periodístico/journalese] the cyclists are going o/or traveling at over 100 kilometers an hour

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (rodarse)

  • (Andes) se rodó el tornillo I/you/he stripped the thread on the screw

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