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Translation of sacar in English:

verbo transitivo/transitive verb

  • 2 (de una situación)sacar a algn de algo aquel dinero los sacó de la miseria that money released them from their life of poverty ¿quién lo va a sacar de su error? who's going to tell him he's wrong o/or put him right? me sacó de una situación muy difícil she got me out of a really tight spot pagaron la fianza y la sacaron de la cárcel they put up bail and got her out of prison ¿por qué lo sacaron del colegio? why did they take him out of o/or take him away from the school?
  • 5 (poner, llevar fuera) 5.1 [maceta/mesa] to take out saca las plantas al balcón put the plants out on the balcony, take the plants out onto the balcony ¿has sacado la basura? have you put o/or taken the garbage (inglés norteamericano/American English) o/or (inglés británico/British English) rubbish out? sácalo aquí al sol bring it out here into the sun sacaron el sofá por la ventana they got the sofa out through the window sacar algo de algo to take o/or get sth out of sth no puedo sacar el coche del garaje I can't get the car out of the garage 5.2 [persona/perro] los saqué a dar una vuelta en coche I took them out for a ride (in the car) lo tuvimos que sacar por la ventana we had to get him out through the window la sacaron en brazos they carried her out saca el perro a pasear take the dog out for a walk sacar a algn de algo to get sb out of sth ¡socorro! ¡sáquenme de aquí! help! get me out of here! su marido no la saca nunca de casa her husband never takes her out lo sacaron de allí a patadas they kicked him out of there 5.3sacar a algn a bailar to ask sb to dance 5.4 [parte del cuerpo] saca (el) pecho stick your chest out me sacó la lengua he stuck o/or put his tongue out at me no saques la cabeza por la ventanilla don't put your head out of the window
  • 7 7.1sacar algo de algo [idea/información] to get sth from sth saqué los datos del informe oficial I got o/or took the information from the official report 7.2sacarle algo a algn [dinero/información] to get sth out of sb no le pude sacar ni un peso para la colecta I couldn't get a penny out of him for the collection le sacaron el nombre de su cómplice they got the name of his accomplice out of him, they extracted the name of his accomplice from him a ver si le sacas quién se lo dijo see if you can find out who told her, try and get out of her who it was who told her
  • 9 9.1 [beneficio] to get no vas a sacar nada hablándole así you won't get anywhere talking to him like that ¿qué sacas con amargarle la vida? what do you gain by making his life a misery? le sacó mucho partido a la situación he took full advantage of the situation con este trabajito saco (lo suficiente) para mis vicios I earn a little pocket money with this job saqué unas £200 en limpio I made a clear £200 le sacó diez segundos (de ventaja) a Martínez he took a ten-second lead over Martínez el hijo ya le saca 10 centímetros [familiar/colloquial] his son is already 10 centimeters taller than he issacar algo de algo no ha sacado ningún provecho del cursillo she hasn't got anything out of o/or [formal] hasn't derived any benefit from the course tienes que aprender a sacar partido de estas situaciones you have to learn to take advantage of these situations no sacaron mucho dinero de la venta they didn't make much money on o out of o from the sale 9.2sacar algo de algo [porciones/unidades] to get sth out of sth de esa masa puedes sacar dos pasteles there's enough pastry there to make o/or for two pies, you can get two pies out of that amount of pastry
  • 11sacar adelante, gracias a su empeño sacaron adelante el proyecto thanks to her determination they managed to get the project off the ground/keep the project going luché tanto para sacar adelante a mis hijos I fought so hard to give my children a good start in life tengo que sacar adelante la misión que me fue encomendada I have to carry out the mission that has been entrusted to me
  • 15 (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) [pertenencia] sacarle algo a algn to take sth from sb no se lo saques, que es suyo don't take it (away) from him, it's his ¿cuánto te sacan en impuestos? how much do they take off in taxes?, how much do you get deducted o/or (inglés norteamericano/American English) withheld in taxes? no me saques la silla don't take o/or (inglés británico/British English) [familiar/colloquial] pinch my seat

verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

verbo pronominal/pronominal verb (sacarse)

  • 1 (extraer) ten cuidado, te vas a sacar un ojo be careful or you'll poke o/or take your eye out me tengo que sacar una muela (causativo) I have to have a tooth out sacarse algo de algo to take sth out of sth sácate las manos de los bolsillos take your hands out of your pockets sácate el dedo de la nariz don't pick your nose

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