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  • 1.1 [clavo/tapón] to come out; [anillo] to come off el anillo no me sale my ring won't come off, I can't get my ring off 1.2 (a una calle, carretera) ¿por aquí se sale a la carretera? can I get on to the road this way? ¿esta calle sale al Paseo Colón? will this street take me to the Paseo Colón?, does this street come out onto the Paseo Colón? 1.3 (como entretenimiento) to go out estuvo castigado un mes sin salir he wasn't allowed to go out for a month salieron a cenar fuera they went out for dinner, they had dinner out (tener una relación) to go out hace tiempo que salen juntos they've been going out together for a while salir con algn to go out with sb ¿estás saliendo con alguien? are you going out with anyone?, are you seeing anyone? (inglés norteamericano/American English) 1.4 (habiendo terminado algo) to leave no salgo de trabajar hasta las siete I don't finish o/or leave work until seven empezó a trabajar aquí recién salido de la escuela he started working here just after he left school ¿a qué hora sales de clase? what time do you come out of class o get out of class o finish your class? ¿cuándo sale del hospital/de la cárcel? when is he coming out of (the) hospital/(the) prison? [Informática] (del sistema) to log off, log out; (de una aplicación) to quit 1.5 (al exterior — acercándose al hablante) to come out; (— alejándose del hablante) to go out no salgas sin abrigo don't go out without a coat ha salido she's gone out, she's out ya puedes salir que te he visto you can come on out now, I can see you no puedo salir, me he quedado encerrado I can't get out, I'm trapped in here salir de algo to come out/get out of sth ¡sal de ahí! come out of there! ¡sal de aquí! get out of here! sal de debajo de la mesa come out from under the table no salió de su habitación en todo el día he didn't come out of o/or leave his room all day sal ya de la cama get out of bed de aquí que no salga ni una palabra not a word of this to anyone ¿tú de dónde has salido? where have you sprung from? ¿de dónde salió este dinero? where did this money come from? nunca ha salido de España/del pueblo he's never been out of Spain/the village está en libertad bajo fianza y no puede salir del país she's out on bail and can't leave the country para impedir que salgan más capitales del país to prevent more capital flowing out of o/or leaving the country salir por algo to leave by sth tuvo que salir por la ventana she had to get out through the window acaba de salir por la puerta de atrás he's just left by the back door, he's just gone out the back doorsalir a algo salieron al balcón/al jardín they went out onto the balcony/into the garden salen al mar por la noche they go out to sea at night ¿quién quiere salir a la pizarra? who wants to come up to the blackboard? el equipo salió al terreno de juego the team took the field o/or came onto the field ¿quién te salió al teléfono? who answered (the phone)? salir a + infinitivo/infinitive to go out/come out to + infinitivo/infinitive ¿sales a jugar? are you coming out to play? ha salido a hacer la compra she's gone out (to do the) shopping 1.6 (partir) to leave ¿a qué hora sale el tren/tu vuelo? what time does the train/your flight leave?, what time is your train/flight? salieron a toda velocidad they went off at top speed, they sped off ¿está Marcos? — no, ha salido de viaje can I speak to Marcos? — I'm afraid he's away at the moment salió corriendo or pitando or disparada [familiar/colloquial] she was off like a shot [familiar/colloquial], she shot off [familiar/colloquial] salir de algo to leave from sth ¿de qué andén sale el tren? what platform does the train leave from? salgo de casa a las siete I leave home at seven salir para algo to leave for sth los novios salieron para las Bahamas the newlyweds left for the Bahamas 1.7 (aparecer, manifestarse) [cana/sarpullido] to appear (+ me/te/le etc) ya me empiezan a salir canas I'm starting to go gray, I'm getting gray hairs ya le han salido los dientes de abajo she's already got o/or she's already cut her bottom teeth, her bottom teeth have already come through me ha salido una ampolla I've got a blister le salió un sarpullido he came out in a rash le ha salido un chichón en la frente a bump's come up on her forehead si como chocolate me salen granos if I eat chocolate I break out o/or (inglés británico/British English) come out in spots a ver ¿te sale sangre? let's have a look, are you bleeding o/or is it bleeding? me sale sangre de la nariz my nose is bleeding a la planta le están saliendo hojas nuevas the plant's putting out new leaves, the plant has some new leaves coming out [sol] (por la mañana) to rise, come up; (de detrás de una nube) to come out parece que quiere salir el sol it looks as though the sun's trying to come out (surgir) [tema/idea] to come up ¿cómo salió eso a la conversación? how did that come up in the conversation? yo no se lo pedí, salió de él I didn't ask him to do it, it was his idea o/or he offered (+ me/te/le etc) le salió así, espontáneamente he just came out with it quite spontaneously me salió en alemán it came out in German, I said it in German no me salió nada mejor nothing better came up o/or turned up ¿has visto el novio que le ha salido? [familiar/colloquial] have you seen the boyfriend she's found herself? [familiar/colloquial] no voy a poder ir, me ha salido otro compromiso I'm afraid I won't be able to go, something (else) has come up o/or cropped up [carta] (en naipes) to come up el as de diamantes todavía no ha salido the ace of diamonds hasn't come up yet ¿ya ha salido el 15? have they called number 15 yet?, has number 15 gone yet? 1.8 (tocar en suerte) (+ me/te/le etc) me salió un tema que no había estudiado I got a subject I hadn't studied me salió un cinco I got a five (España/Spain) (en un reparto)salir a algo to get sth salimos a dos pastelitos cada uno we get two cakes each, it works out as two cakes each son tres hermanos, así que salen a tres mil cada uno there are three brothers, so they each end up with o/or get three thousand 1.9 [mancha] (aparecer) to appear; (quitarse) to come out 1.10 [revista] to come out; [novela] to come out, be published; [disco] to come out, be released un producto que acaba de salir al mercado a new product which has just come on to the market (en televisión, el periódico) to appear la noticia salió en primera página the news appeared on the front page salió por or en (la) televisión she was o/or appeared on television ayer salió mi primo en or por la televisión my cousin was on (the) television yesterday (en una foto) to appear no sale en esta foto he doesn't appear in o/or he isn't in this photograph (+ complemento/+ complement) ¡qué bien saliste en esta foto! you've come out really well in this photograph, this is a really good photograph of you (desempeñando un papel) ¿tú sales en la obra de fin de curso? are you in the end-of-term play? sale de pastor he plays o/or he is a shepherd me salió de testigo en el juicio (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) he testified on my behalf le salí de testigo cuando se casó (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) I was a witness at her wedding 1.11 (expresando irritación, sorpresa)salir + gerundio/gerund y ahora sale diciendo que no lo sabía and now he says he didn't knowsalir con algo ¡mira con qué sale este ahora! did you hear what he just said? no me salgas ahora con eso don't give me that [familiar/colloquial] y ahora me sale con que no quiere ir and now he tells me he doesn't want to go! ¡a veces sale con cada cosa más graciosa! sometimes she comes out with the funniest things! 1.12salir de (Colombia) (deshacerse de) to get rid of no han podido salir de él they haven't been able to get rid of him 1.13salir con (Colombia) (combinar con) to go with
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    1.14salir a (parecerse a) to take after es gordita, sale a la madre she's chubby, she takes after her mother ¡tiene a quien salir! you can see who she takes after! en lo tozudo sale a su padre he gets his stubbornness from his father 1.15 (de una situación, un estado)salir de algo para salir del apuro in order to get out of an awkward situation está muy mal, no sé si saldrá de esta she's very ill, I don't know if she'll make it o/or if she'll pull through no sé cómo vamos a salir de esta I don't know how we're going to get out of this one luchan por salir de la miseria en que viven they struggle to escape from the poverty in which they live me ayudó a salir de la depresión he helped me get over my depression a este paso no vamos a salir nunca de pobres the way we're going we're never going to stop being poor (+ complemento/+ complement) salió bien de la operación she came through the operation well salieron ilesos del accidente they were not hurt in the accident salió airosa del trance she came through it with flying colors salir bien/mal en un examen (Chile) [Educación/Education] to pass/fail an exam salir adelante, fue una época muy dura, pero lograron salir adelante it was a difficult period but they managed to get through it para que el negocio salga adelante if the business is to stay afloat o/or survive la propuesta cuenta con pocas posibilidades de salir adelante the proposal is unlikely to prosper paso1 1.16 (resultar) de aquí no va a salir nada bueno no good is going to come of this van a lo que salga, nunca hacen planes they just take things as they come, they never make plans ¿a ti te da 40? a mí me sale 42 how do you get 40? I make it 42 no ha salido ninguna de las fotos none of the photographs has come out (+ complemento/+ complement) las cosas salieron mejor de lo que esperábamos things turned out/worked out better than we expected tenemos que acabarlo salga como salga we have to finish it, no matter how it turns out la foto ha salido movida the photograph has come out blurred mandarlo certificado sale muy caro sending it registered mail works out o/or is very expensive salió elegido tesorero he was elected treasurer ¿qué número salió premiado? what was the winning number? salió beneficiado en el reparto he did well out of the division o/or (inglés británico/British English) share-out (+ me/te/le etc) el postre no me salió bien the dessert didn't come out right las cosas no nos han salido bien things haven't gone right for us no lo hagas deprisa que te va a salir todo al revés don't try to do it too quickly, you'll do it all wrong si lo haces sin regla te va a salir torcido if you do it without a ruler it'll come out crooked así te va a salir muy caro it'll work out very expensive for you that way ¿cómo te salió el examen? how did you get on o/or do in the exam?, how did the exam go? el niño les salió muy inteligente their son turned out (to be) really bright 1.17 (expresando logro) (+ me/te/le etc) ¿te salió el crucigrama? did you finish the crossword? no me sale esta ecuación/cuenta I can't do this equation/sum ¿me ayudas con este dibujo que a mí no me sale? can you help me with this drawing? I can't get it right no te sale el acento mexicano you're not very good at the Mexican accent, you haven't got the Mexican accent right ahora mismo no me sale su nombre [familiar/colloquial] I can't think of her name right now estaba tan entusiasmado que no le salían las palabras he was so excited he couldn't get his words out

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