There are 2 translations of seco in English:




  • 7 (en locuciones/in phrases) en seco [frenar] sharply, suddenly me paró en seco he stopped me dead o/or he stopped me in my tracks el coche paró en seco the car stopped dead limpieza en seco dry cleaning a secas [familiar/colloquial], quíteme el 'doctor', llámeme Roberto a secas there's no need to call me 'doctor', just call me (plain) Roberto le dijo que no, así a secas she gave him a straight 'no' pan así a secas no me apetece I don't feel like eating just bread on its own like that le pidió mil dólares así, a secas he just asked him for a thousand dollars outright o/or straight out, he asked him for a thousand dollars, just like that dejar a algn seco [familiar/colloquial] to kill sb stone dead [familiar/colloquial] seco para algo (Chile) [familiar/colloquial], el hijo le salió seco para la física her son turned out to be brilliant o/or a whiz at physics [familiar/colloquial] es seco para el garabato he has a great line in swear words [familiar/colloquial] tener seco a algn (Colombia) (Río de la Plata/River Plate area) [familiar/colloquial], este tipo me tiene seca I'm up to here with o/or I'm sick and tired of this guy [familiar/colloquial] tomarse algo al seco (Chile) [familiar/colloquial] to down sth o/or knock sth back (in one go) [familiar/colloquial]