Translation of sentado in English:




  • sitting, seated [formal] ya estaban sentados a la mesa they were already (sitting) at the table quédate or estáte aquí sentadito y sin moverte now sit here and don't move pueden permanecer sentados [formal] you may remain seated [formal] llevamos más de una hora aquí sentados we've been sitting here for over an hour dar por sentado, estás dando demasiado por sentado you're taking too much for granted doy por sentado que me ayudarás I'm assuming that you'll help me, I'm counting on you to help me dejar algo sentado, con su obra dejó sentados los principios de la nueva teoría with his work he firmly established o/or laid down the principles of the new theory quiero dejar bien sentado que … I would like to make it clear that … esperar(se) sentado [familiar/colloquial] [irónico], si crees que lo voy a tener listo para el lunes, espérate sentado if you think I'm going to have it ready by Monday, you'll have a long wait o/or you've got another think coming [familiar/colloquial]

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