There are 2 translations of sentido in English:




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There are 2 translations of sentido in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 3 3.1 (significado) sense en el buen sentido de la palabra in the nicest sense of the word en el sentido estricto/amplio del vocablo in the strict/broad sense of the term en sentido literal/figurado in a literal/figurative sense lo dijo con doble sentido he was intentionally ambiguous buscaba algo que le diera sentido a su vida he was searching for something to give his life some meaning conociendo su biografía la obra cobra un sentido muy diferente when one knows something about his life the work takes on a totally different meaning no le encuentro sentido a lo que haces I can't see any sense o/or point in what you're doing esa política ya no tiene sentido that policy makes no sense anymore o/or is meaningless now no tiene sentido preocuparse por eso it's pointless o/or there's no point worrying about that 3.2 (aspecto) en cierto sentido tienen razón in a sense they're right en muchos/ciertos sentidos la situación no ha cambiado in many/certain respects the situation hasn't changed en este sentido debemos recordarnos que … in this respect we should remember …