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  • 1 1.1 (apartar, alejar) to separate dos transeúntes intentaron separarlos two passersby tried to separate o part them ha hecho todo lo posible por separarnos he has done everything he can to split us up las consonantes dobles no se separan en español in Spanish, double consonants should not be split up la maestra las separó porque charlaban mucho the teacher separated them o split them up because they were talking so much separa la cama de la pared move the bed away from the wall no se aconseja separar a la madre de su ternero it is not advisable to take the calf away from its mother separar la yema de la clara separate the white from the yolk separar los machos de las hembras to separate the males from the females
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    1.2 (dividir un todo) to divide separar las palabras en sílabas divide the words into syllables la guerra separó a muchas familias the war divided many families 1.3 (guardar, reservar) to put o set aside sepárame un trocito para Pablo, que va a venir más tarde can you put o set aside a slice for Pablo, he'll be coming later separa la ropa que llevarás puesta put the clothes you're going to wear on one side
  • 2 2.1 (deslindar) to separate, divide una valla separa a los hinchas de los dos equipos there is a fence separating the fans of the two teams los separan profundas diferencias they are divided by deepseated differences separar algo de algo to separate sth from sth los Andes separan Argentina de Chile the Andes separate Argentina from Chile
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    2.2 (despegar) no puedo separar estas dos fotos I can't get these two photographs apart separa las lonchas de jamón separate the slices of ham no separe la etiqueta antes de rellenarla do not remove o detach the label before filling it in

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  • 1.1 [matrimonio] to separate se separaron tras diez años de matrimonio they separated o split up after ten years of marriage es hijo de padres separados his parents are separated separarse de algn to separate from sb se separó de su marido en octubre she separated from her husband in October
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    1.2 (alejarse, apartarse) to split up a mitad de camino nos separamos we split up half way los socios se separaron en 1996 they dissolved their partnership in 1996 [formal], the partners split up in 1996 no se separen, que los pequeños se pueden perder please don't split up o divide up o please stay together in case the children get lostsepararse de algo/algn esta niña no se separa del televisor this child is always glued to the television no me he separado nunca de mis hijos I've never been away o apart from my children no se separen de su equipaje do not leave your luggage unattended
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