There are 3 translations of tal in English:



  • 1 (dicho) no existía tal tesoro, todo era fruto de su imaginación there was no such treasure, he had made it all up yo nunca he dicho tal cosa I have never said anything of the kind o/or anything of the sort nunca recibí tales instrucciones I never received any such instructions
  • 2 (seguido de consecuencia) su desesperación era tal or era tal su desesperación que llegó a pensar en el suicidio his despair was such o/or such was his despair that he even contemplated suicide se llevó tal disgusto or se llevó un disgusto tal que estuvo llorando toda la tarde she was so upset (that) she spent the whole afternoon crying había tal cantidad de gente que no pudimos entrar there were such a lot of o/or so many people that we couldn't get in

There are 3 translations of tal in English:



  • si quieres que te traten como a un adulto, compórtate como tal if you want to be treated like an adult, behave like one es usted el secretario y como tal tiene ciertas responsabilidades you are the secretary and as such you have certain responsibilities que si tal y que si cual and so on and so forth estaban pintando, poniendo tablas nuevas y tal (España/Spain) they were painting, putting in new boards and so on o/or and that sort of thing me dijo que si eras un tal y un cual … he said all kinds of terrible things about you son tal para cual [familiar/colloquial] he's just as bad as she is o they're as bad as each other o they're two of a kind


    tal para cual

    nombre masculino y femenino/masculine and feminine noun

    tal por cual

    nombre masculino y femenino/masculine and feminine noun

There are 3 translations of tal in English:



  • 1 [familiar/colloquial] (en preguntas) hola ¿qué tal? hello, how are you? ¿qué tal estuvo la fiesta? how was the party? ¿qué tal es Marisa? what's Marisa like?
  • 2 (en locuciones/in phrases) con tal de+ infinitivo/infinitive, hace cualquier cosa con tal de llamar la atención he'll do anything to get attention con tal de no tener que volver mañana as long as I don't have to come back tomorrow con tal (de) que+ subjuntivo/subjunctive, con tal (de) que no se entere nadie, pagará lo que le pidamos he'll pay whatever we ask to stop anybody finding out quédatelo por ahora, con tal (de) que me lo devuelvas antes del viernes keep it for now, as long as o/or provided you give it back (to me) before Friday dale otro, cualquier cosa con tal (de) que se calle give her another one, anything to keep her quiet tal (y) como, tal (y) como están las cosas the way things are déjalo tal (y) como lo encontraste leave it just the way you found it o/or just as you found it hazlo tal (y) como te indicó do it exactly as she told you o/or just as she told you tal cual, me lo dijo así, tal cual those were her exact words, she said just that, word for word no cambié nada, lo dejé todo tal cual I didn't change anything, I left everything exactly as it was o/or just as it was el postre le quedó igualito al de la foto, tal cual the dessert came out exactly as it looked in the photo tal vez maybe ¿vas a ir? — tal vez are you going to go? — maybe o/or I'll see tal vez no se enteró or no se haya enterado maybe o perhaps o it's possible she hasn't heard se me ocurrió que tal vez estuviera or estaría allí esperándome it occurred to me that he might be there waiting for me