There are 2 translations of terreno in English:




There are 2 translations of terreno in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

  • 1 (lote, parcela) plot of land, lot (inglés norteamericano/American English) heredó unos terrenos en Sonora she inherited some land in Sonora un terreno plantado de viñas a field o/or an area of land planted with vines el terreno cuesta tanto como la casa the land costs as much as the house quieren construir en esos terrenos they want to build on that land o/or site el terreno llega hasta el río the land o plot o lot extends as far as the river


    terreno de juego

  • 3 3.1 [Geografía/Geography] (refiriéndose al relieve) terrain; (refiriéndose a la composición) land, soil un terreno montañoso mountainous terrain los accidentes del terreno the features of the landscape o/or terrain un terreno pantanoso marshy land, a marshy terrain un terreno bueno para el cultivo del trigo good land o/or soil for growing wheat allanarle el terreno a algn to smooth the way o/or path for sb ceder/ganar/perder terreno to give/gain/lose ground estar en su (propio) terreno to be on one's own ground llamar a algn a terreno (Chile) [familiar/colloquial] to pull sb up [familiar/colloquial] minarle or socavarle el terreno a algn to cut the ground from under sb's feet pisar terreno firme/peligroso to tread on safe/dangerous ground prepararle el terreno a algn/algo to pave the way for sb/sth recuperar terreno to recover lost ground sobre el terreno, para estudiar sobre el terreno la situación to make an on-the-spot o/or an in situ assessment of the situation iremos haciendo planes sobre el terreno we'll plan things as we go along tantear el terreno to see how the land lies 3.2 [Geología/Geology] terrane, terrain


    terreno abonado

    terreno propicio

    • es terreno abonado or propicio para la delincuencia it is a breeding ground for crime es un terreno abonado or propicio para la especulación it gives rise to a great deal of speculation

    terreno conocido

    • familiar ground para él ya es terreno conocido he's on familiar ground, it's familiar ground to him