Translation of tirón in English:



  • 1.1 (movimiento) tug hay que pegarle un tirón fuerte a la cuerda you have to give the string a good hard pull o tug dale un tirón de orejas tweak his ears for him [colloquial/familiar] me dio un tirón de pelo he pulled my hair el autobús avanzaba a tirones the bus jerked along de un tirón, me arrancó la cadena de un tirón he ripped the chain from my neck arráncate el esparadrapo de un tirón pull the dressing off in one go hicimos el viaje de un tirón [familiar/colloquial] we did the journey without stopping o in one go la leyó de un tirón [familiar/colloquial] she read it at a single sitting o in one go dormí nueve horas de un tirón [familiar/colloquial] I slept nine hours right o straight off 1.2 (de un músculo) sufrió un tirón en la pierna derecha he pulled a muscle in his right leg sentí un tirón en la espalda I felt something pull in my back 1.3 (forma de robo) le dieron un or el tirón they snatched her bag le dieron un tirón y le robaron la cadena they ripped her chain from her neck le robaron el bolso por el procedimiento del tirón [lenguaje periodístico/journalese] she had her bag snatched 1.4 (RPl) [familiar/colloquial] (buen trecho) tirada 3

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