Translation of tocar in English:




  • 1 1.1 (corresponder) (+ me/te/le etc) me tocaría a mí ocuparme de los niños it would be up to me o it would be my job to take care of the children siempre me toca a mí sacar al perro it's always me who has to take the dog out for a walk nos tocan tres bombones a cada uno there are three chocolates for each of us a ella le toca la mitad de la herencia she gets half of the inheritance 1.2 (concernir) por or en lo que toca a la ecología [formal] as far as ecology is concerned, regarding ecology, with regard to ecology 1.3 (en suerte) (+ me/te/le etc) le ha tocado la lotería/el primer premio/un millón she has won the lottery/first prize/a million nos ha tocado (en suerte) vivir en épocas difíciles it has fallen to our lot to live in difficult times nos tocó la maestra más antipática del colegio we got the most horrible teacher in the school nos tocó hacer las prácticas en el mismo colegio we happened to do our teaching practice at the same school me tocó a mí comunicarle la mala noticia I was the one who had to tell him the bad news, it fell to me to tell him the bad news [formal] me tocó detrás de una columna y no vi casi nada I had to sit behind a pillar and I hardly saw anything 1.4 (ser el turno) (+ me/te/le etc) te toca a ti ¿vas a jugar? it's your turn/move, are you going to play? ¿a quién le toca cocinar hoy? whose turn is it to do the cooking today? nos toca pagar a nosotros it's our turn to pay 1.5 (en tercera persona) [familiar/colloquial] (haber que) toca comer otra vez arroz we're having rice again 1.6 (en tercera persona) [familiar/colloquial] (ser hora de) vamos, toca ponerse a estudiar come on, it's time we/you got down to some studying ¡a correr tocan! [familiar/colloquial] run for it! ¡a pagar tocan! [familiar/colloquial] it's time to pay up!
  • 3 (rayar) tocar en algo to border o verge on sth la situación ya empezaba a tocar en lo grotesco by this time the situation was bordering o verging on the grotesque

tocarse v pron

  • 2 [formal] (cubrirse la cabeza) tocarse con algo to wear sth la reina se tocaba con un sombrero azul the queen was wearing a blue hat

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