Translation of torcido in English:




  • 1 1.1[estar] (con respecto a otra cosa) crooked le quedó la nariz torcida he was left with a crooked nose tiene la boca torcida he has a twisted mouth llevas la falda torcida your skirt's twisted, your skirt isn't straight el cuadro está torcido the picture isn't straight, the picture is on a slant o is askew la planta creció torcida the plant grew crooked o lopsided te has hecho la raya torcida your part (AmE) o (BrE) parting isn't straight 1.2 (curvo) bent un alambre/palo torcido a bent wire/stick tiene la columna torcida she has curvature of the spine tiene las piernas torcidas (para adentro) he is knock-kneed (para afuera) he is bowlegged

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