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  • 3 (esp Esp) (bizcocho basto) sponge cake ni torta (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] not a thing no entiendo ni torta I don't understand a thing no ve ni torta he can't see a thing o he's as blind as a bat nos/les está costando la torta un pan it's costing us/them more than we're/they're saving o it's a false economy


    torta de aceite

    • : crisp aniseed wafer fried in oil

    torta imperial

    • : nougat-like candy covered with rice paper
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  • 4 [familiar/colloquial] (golpe) como no te estés quieto te doy una torta if you don't keep still, I'll hit o wallop you [colloquial/familiar] por una tontería se liaron a tortas they came to blows o they started fighting over nothing se dio una torta con el coche he crashed the car se cayó del árbol y se pegó una torta he fell out of the tree and hit the ground very hard

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