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  • 1 1.1 (tener un valor de) to be worth; (costar) to cost no vale mucho dinero it isn't worth much ¿cuánto or [criticized usage/uso criticado] qué valen esas copas? how much are those wineglasses?, what do those wineglasses cost? pide $2.000 por el cuadro — pues no los vale she wants $2,000 for the picture — well, it's not worth that valer algo lo que pesa (en oro) [familiar/colloquial] to be worth its weight in gold [colloquial/familiar] ese chico vale lo que pesa (en oro) that kid's worth his weight in gold 1.2 (equivaler a) si x vale 8 ¿cuánto vale y? if x is 8, what is the value of y? ¿cuánto vale un dólar en pesos? how much is a dollar worth in pesos?, how many pesos are there to the dollar?
  • 2 (+ me/te/le etc) (ganar) le valió una bofetada it earned him a slap in the face esta obra le valió el premio nacional de literatura this play earned o won her the national literature prize
  • 3 (causar) aquellas declaraciones le valieron un gran disgusto that statement brought him a lot of trouble o caused a lot of trouble for him


  • 1 1.1 (+ compl) (tener cierto valor) to be worth; (costar) to cost es de bisutería, vale muy poco it's costume jewelry, it's worth very little vale más caro pero es mejor it costs more o it's more expensive but it's better 1.2 (equivaler) valer por algo to be worth sth cada cupón vale por un regalo each voucher is worth a gift o can be exchanged for a gift las fichas negras valen por 50 pesos y las rojas por 100 the black chips are worth 50 pesos and the red ones 100
  • 2 (tener valor no material) ha demostrado que vale he has shown his worth o how good he is es buena persona pero como profesor no vale nada he's a nice guy but as a teacher he's useless o he's a dead loss [colloquial/familiar] vales tanto como él you're as good as he is no valgo nada para el I mean nothing to him ella es preciosa pero él no vale nada she's very pretty but he's not much to look at o not very good-looking para esos fanáticos la vida no vale nada those fanatics place no value at all on life, life has no value for those fanatics su última novela no vale gran cosa her latest novel isn't much good o [colloquial/familiar] isn't up to much hacerse valer to assert oneself aprende a hacerte valer learn to be more assertive o to assert yourself o [colloquial/familiar] to stick up for yourself hacer valer algo, las minorías tienen que hacer valer sus derechos minorities must assert o enforce their rights hizo valer su autoridad he used o imposed his authority más vale un 'toma' que dos 'te daré' a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  • 3 3.1 (servir) esta no vale, es muy ancha this one's no good o no use, it's too widevaler para algo no valgo para el deporte I'm useless o no use o no good at sport ¡no vales para nada! you're completely uselessvaler de algo (+ me/te/le etc) no le valió de nada protestar protesting got him nowhere, his protests were to no avail sus consejos me han valido de mucho her advice has been very useful o valuable to me 3.2 (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] [ropa/zapatos] (+ me/te/le etc) este abrigo ya no le vale this coat is no use to him any more los zapatos todavía le valen her shoes are still OK
  • 4
    (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] 4.1 (expresando acuerdo) OK ¿nos encontramos en la cafetería? — ¡valer! shall we meet in the cafeteria? sure o fine o OK! paso a buscarte a las ocho, ¿valer? I'll pick you up at eight, OK o all right? voy a llegar un poco más tarde — valer, no te preocupes I'll be a bit late — all right o OK, don't worry que llegues tarde una vez valer, pero tres días seguidos … being late once is one thing, but three days in a row … 4.2 (basta) ¿valer así o quieres más? is that OK o enough or do you want some more? ¡valer, valer, que no me quiero emborrachar! hey, that's enough o plenty! I don't want to get drunk! ya valer, ¿no? lleváis media hora discutiendo don't you think that's enough? you've been arguing for half an hour
  • 5más vale, más vale que no se entere she'd better not find out más vale que hagas lo que te dice you'd better do as he says se van a divorciar — más vale así they're getting divorced — it's better that way o it's the best thing for them (+ me/te/le etc) más te vale terminar a tiempo you'd better finish in time dijo que vendría temprano — ¡más le vale! he said he'd be here early — he'd better be! más vale prevenir que curar or (Méx) lamentar prevention is better than cure
  • 6 6.1 (ser válido) [billete/pasaporte/carné] to be valid ese pase no vale, está caducado that pass isn't valid o is no good, it's out of date las entradas valen para toda la semana the tickets are valid for the whole week, the tickets can be used throughout the week esta partida no vale, me ha visto las cartas this game doesn't count, he's seen my cards lo que le dije a él también vale para ti what I told him goes for you too no hay excusa que valga I don't want to hear o I won't accept any excuses he tomado la decisión y no hay discusión que valga I've made my decision and I don't want any arguments valga la comparación if you know o see what I mean se comporta como un 'nuevo millonario', valga la expresión he behaves like some sort of 'nouveau millionaire', for want o lack of a better expression redundancia 6.2 (estar permitido) eso no vale, estás haciendo trampa that's not fair, you're cheating no vale mirar you mustn't look, you're not allowed to look
  • 7 7.1 (Méx) [familiar/colloquial] (no importar) (+ me/te/le etc) a mí eso me vale I don't give a damn about that [colloquial/familiar], I couldn't o (AmE) I could care less about that [colloquial/familiar] eso me vale gorro or [vulgar] madres or [vulgar] una chingada I don't give a damn [colloquial/familiar] o [vulgar] a shit 7.2 (Méx) [familiar/colloquial], (no tener valor) to be useless o no good [colloquial/familiar] saben mucha teoría pero a la hora de la hora valen they know plenty of theoretical stuff but when it comes to the crunch they're useless o no good se las da de muy muy pero la neta es que vale gorro or [vulgar] madres he likes to make out he's really something but the truth is he's useless o [slang/argot] he's crap 7.3 (Méx) [familiar/colloquial] (estropearse) [coche/aparato] mi coche ya valió my car's had it [colloquial/familiar]

valerse v pron

  • 1 (servirse) valerse de algo/algn to use sth/sb se valió de sus apellidos para conseguir el crédito he took advantage of o used the family name to get the loan se vale de mentiras para lograr lo que quiere she lies to get what she wants se valía de un bastón para andar he used a stick to help him walk
  • 2 [anciano/enfermo] ya no se vale solo or no puede valerse por sí mismo he can't take care of o look after himself any more, he can't manage o cope on his own any more
  • 3 (AmC, Méx, Ven) (estar permitido, ser correcto) no se vale golpear abajo del cinturón hitting below the belt is not allowed ¡no se vale! that's not fair!

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