There are 2 translations of ver in English:



  • 1 (aspecto) aún está de buen ver he's still good-looking o attractive, he still looks good no es de mal ver she's not bad-looking
  • 2 (opinión) a mi/su ver in my/his view, as I see/he sees it

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There are 2 translations of ver in English:



  • 1 1.1 (percibir con la vista) to see ¿ves el letrero allí enfrente? can o do you see that sign opposite? lo vi con mis propios ojos I saw it with my own eyes ¿ves algo? can you see anything? enciende la luz que no se ve nada switch on the light, I can't see a thing tú ves visiones, allí no hay nada you're seeing things, there's nothing there se te ve la combinación your slip is showing me acuerdo perfectamente, es como si lo estuviera viendo I remember it perfectly, as if I were seeing it nowver algo/a algn + inf/ger la vi bailar en Londres hace años I saw her dance in London years ago la vi metérselo en el bolsillo I saw her put it into her pocket los vieron salir por la puerta trasera they were seen leaving by the back door lo vi hablando con ella I saw him talking to her ahí donde lo/la ves, ahí donde la ves tiene un genio … incredible though it may seem, she has a real temper … aquí donde me ves, tengo 90 años cumplidos believe it or not, I'm ninety years old no ver ni tres en un burro or ni un burro a tres pasos or ni jota [familiar/colloquial], sin gafas no veo ni jota I can't see a thing without my glasses, without my glasses I'm as blind as a bat si te he visto no me acuerdo [familiar/colloquial], en cuanto le pedí un favor, si te he visto no me acuerdo as soon as I asked a favor of him, he just didn't want to know ver venir algo/a algn, el fracaso se veía venir it was obvious o you could see it was going to fail te veía venir, ya sabía lo que me ibas a pedir I thought as much, I knew what you were going to ask me for ya lo veo venir, seguro que quiere una semana libre I know what he's after, I bet he wants a week off [colloquial/familiar] ¡y tú que lo veas!, ¡que cumplas muchos más! — ¡y tú que lo veas! many happy returns! — thank you very much van a bajar los impuestos — ¡y tú que lo veas! [iró] they're going to cut taxes — do you think you'll live long enough to see it? [ironical/irónico] 1.2 (mirar) to watch estaba viendo la televisión I was watching television esa película ya la he visto I've seen that movie before ¿te has hecho daño?, déjame ver have you hurt yourself? let me see un espectáculo que hay que ver a show which you must see o which is not to be missed o [colloquial/familiar] which is a must no poder (ni) ver a algn, no puede ni verla or no la puede ver he can't stand her, he can't stand the sight of her no lo puedo ver ni pintado or ni en pintura [familiar/colloquial] I can't stand the sight of him 1.3 (imaginar) to see, imagine, picture yo no la veo viviendo en el campo I can't see o imagine o picture her living in the country ya la veo tumbada en la arena sin hacer nada … I can see o picture her now lying on the sand doing nothing …
  • 2 2.1 (entender, notar) to see ¿no ves que la situación es grave? don't o can't you see how serious the situation is? ¿ves qué amargo es? you see how bitter it is? no quiere ver la realidad he won't face up to reality solo ve sus problemas he's only interested in his own problems se te ve en la cara I can tell by your face se le ve que disfruta con su trabajo you can see o tell she enjoys her work te veo preocupado ¿qué te pasa? you look worried, what's the matter? la veo muy contenta she looks o seems very happy es un poco complicado, ¿sabes? — ya se ve it's a bit complicated, you know — so I (can) see ya veo/ya se ve que no tienes mucha práctica en esto I can see o it's obvious you haven't had much practice at this, you obviously haven't had much practice at this hacerse ver (RPl) to show off 2.2echar de ver to realize, notice pronto echó de ver que le faltaba dinero he soon realized o noticed that some of his money was missing se echa de ver que está muy contento it's obvious he's very happy
  • 3 3.1 (constatar, comprobar) to see ve a ver quién es go and see who it is ¡ya verás lo que es bueno si no me haces caso! you'll see what you get if you don't do as I say habrá que ver si cumple su promesa it remains to be seen o we'll have to see whether he keeps his promise verás como no viene he won't come, wait and see o you'll see ya no funciona ¿lo ves? or ¿viste? te dije que no lo tocaras now, it's not working any more. You see? I told you not to touch it ¡eso ya se verá! we'll see ¡eso está por ver! we'll see about that! ¡para que veas! ¡tú que decías que no iba a ser capaz! see? I did it! and you said I wouldn't be able to! gané por tres sets a cero ¡para que veas! I won by three sets to love, so there! 3.2 (ser testigo de) to see vieron confirmadas sus sospechas they saw their suspicions confirmed, their suspicions were confirmed ¡nunca he visto cosa igual! I've never seen anything like it! ¡habráse visto semejante desfachatez! what a nerve! [colloquial/familiar] ¡si vieras lo mal que lo pasé! you can't imagine how awful it was! es tan bonita, si vieras … she's so pretty, you should see her ¡vieras or hubieras visto cómo se asustaron …! (AmL) you should have seen the fright they got! tenías que haber visto lo furioso que se puso you should have seen how angry he got ¡hombre! ¿tú por aquí? — ya ves, no tenía otra cosa que hacer hello, what are you doing here? — well, I didn't have anything else to do pensaba tomarme el día libre pero ya ves, aquí me tienes I intended taking the day off but … well, here I am ¡hay que ver! ¡lo que son las cosas! well, well, well! o I don't know! would you believe it? ¡hay que ver! hasta se llevaron el dinero de los niños would you believe it! they even took the children's money ¡hay que ver lo que ha crecido! wow o gosh! hasn't he grown! hay que ver qué bien se portaron they behaved really well, it's amazing how well they behaved hay que ver lo grosera que es she's incredibly rude que no veas (Esp) [familiar/colloquial], me echó una bronca que no veas she gave me such an earful! [colloquial/familiar], you wouldn't believe the earful she gave me! [colloquial/familiar] tenía una borrachera que no veas he was absolutely blind drunk tienen una cocina que no veas they have an incredible kitchen que no veo (AmL) [familiar/colloquial], tengo un hambre que no veo [familiar/colloquial] I'm absolutely starving [colloquial/familiar], I'm so hungry I could eat a horse [colloquial/familiar] tengo un sueño que no veo I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open
  • 4a ver, (vamos) a ver ¿de qué se trata? OK o all right o well, now, what's the problem? a ver, el fórceps, rápido give me the forceps, quickly aquí está en el periódico — ¿a ver? it's here in the newspaper — let's see ¿a ver qué tienes ahí? let me see o show me what you've got there, what have you got there? aprieta el botón a ver qué pasa press the button and let's see what happens a ver si me entienden (justificando) don't get me wrong (explicando) let me make myself clear a ver si arreglas esa lámpara when are you going to fix that light? a ver si escribes pronto write soon, make sure you write soon ¡cállate, a ver si alguien te oye! shut up, somebody might hear you ¡a ver si ahora se cree que se lo robé yo! I hope he doesn't think that I stole it! a ver cuándo vienes a visitarnos come and see us soon/one of these days ¡a ver! (AmC, Col) (al contestar el teléfono) hello?
  • 5 5.1 (estudiar) esto mejor que lo veas tú you'd better look at this o see this o have a look at this tengo que ver cómo lo arreglo I have to work out o see how I can fix it aún no lo sé, ya veré qué hago I still don't know, I'll decide what to do later véase el capítulo anterior see (the) previous chapter no vimos ese tema en clase we didn't look at o study o do that topic in class 5.2 [médico] (examinar) ¿la ha visto ya un médico? has she been seen by a doctor yet?, has she seen a doctor yet? ¿por qué no te haces ver por un especialista? (AmS) why don't you see a specialist? 5.3 [Derecho] [causa] to try, hear
  • 6 6.1 (juzgar, considerar) yo eso no lo veo bien I don't think that's right cada uno ve las cosas a su manera everybody has their own point of view, everybody sees things differently a mi modo or manera de ver to my way of thinking, the way I see it 6.2 (encontrar) to see no le veo salida a esta situación I can't see any way out of this situation ¿tú le ves algún inconveniente? can you see any drawbacks to it? no le veo la gracia I don't think it's funny, I don't find it funny no le veo nada de malo I can't see anything wrong in it no veo por qué no I don't see why not
  • 7 (visitar, entrevistarse con) es mejor que vea a su propio médico it's better if you go to o see your own doctor hace tiempo que no lo veo I haven't seen him for some time ¡cuánto tiempo sin verte! I haven't seen you for ages!, long time, no see [colloquial/familiar] aún no he ido a ver a la abuela I still haven't been to see o visit grandmother ahora que vive lejos lo vemos menos we don't see so much of him now that he lives so far away
  • 9tener … que ver, eso no tiene nada que ver con lo que estamos discutiendo that has nothing to do with what we are discussing es muy joven — ¿y eso qué tiene que ver? he's very young — and what does that have to do with it? no tengo nada que ver con esa compañía I have nothing to do with that company, I have no connection with that company ¿tuviste algo que ver en ese asunto? did you have anything to do with o any connection with that business?, were you involved in that business? ¿qué tiene que ver que sea sábado? what difference does it make that it's Saturday? ¿tendrán algo que ver con los Icasuriaga de Zamora? are they related in any way to the Icasuriagas from Zamora?


  • 2 (constatar) ¿hay cerveza? — no sé, voy a ver is there any beer? — I don't know, I'll have a look ¿está Juan? — voy a ver is Juan in? — I'll go and see verás, no quería engañarte pero … look, I wasn't trying to deceive you, it's just that … pues verás, la cosa empezó cuando … well you see, the whole thing began when … ver para creer seeing is believing
  • 5ver de (procurar) to try vean de que no se dé cuenta try to make sure he doesn't notice vamos a ver de hacerlo lo más rápido posible let's try to get it done o let's see if we can get it done as quickly as possible

verse v pron

  • 1 (refl) 1.1 (percibirse) to see oneself ¿te quieres ver en el espejo? do you want to see yourself o look at yourself in the mirror? se vio reflejado en el agua he saw his reflection in the water 1.2 (imaginarse) to see oneself ¿tú te ves viviendo allí? can you see yourself living there?
  • 2 2.1 (hallarse) (+ compl) to find oneself me vi obligado a despedirlo I was obliged to dismiss him, I had no choice but to dismiss him se vio en la necesidad de pedir dinero prestado he found himself having to borrow money me vi en un aprieto I found myself in a tight spot vérselas venir [familiar/colloquial], me las veía venir por eso tomé precauciones I saw it coming so I took precautions vérselas y deseárselas, me las vi y me las deseé estudiando y trabajando durante cinco años it was really tough o hard o it was a real struggle studying and working for five years verse venir algo to see sth coming 2.2 [formal] (ser) este problema se ha visto agravado por … this problem has been made worse by … las cifras se ven aumentadas al final del verano the figures rise at the end of the summer el país se verá beneficiado con este acuerdo the country will benefit from this agreement
  • 4 (recípr) (encontrarse) to meet se veían un par de veces al mes they used to see each other o meet a couple of times a month nos vemos a las siete I'll meet o see you at seven es mejor que no nos veamos durante un tiempo we'd better not see each other for a while ¡nos vemos! (esp AmL) see you!, I'll be seeing you! verse con algn to see sb ya no me veo con ellos I don't see them any more vérselas con algn, tendrá que vérselas conmigo como se atreva a molestarte he'll have me to deal with if he dares to bother you