There are 2 translations of vivir in English:


nombre masculino/masculine noun

There are 2 translations of vivir in English:


verbo intransitivo/intransitive verb

  • 1 (estar vivo) to be alive ¿tu abuelo todavía vive? is your grandfather still alive? su recuerdo vivirá siempre entre nosotros his memory will live for ever among us ¿quién vive? [Militar/Military] who goes there?
  • 3 (subsistir) la pintura no da para vivir you can't make a living from painting viven con honradez they make an honest living vive por encima de sus posibilidades she is living beyond her means con ese sueldo no le llega para vivir that salary isn't enough (for him) to live on, he can't make ends meet on that salary vivir de algo to live on sth no sé de qué viven I don't know what they live on vive de las rentas he lives on the income from his property ( o/or shares etc), he has a private income [anticuado/dated] viven de la caridad they live on charity viven de la pesca they live from o/or by fishing, they make their living from o/or by fishing no puedes seguir viviendo de ilusiones you can't go on living a dream
  • 5 (como interjección/as interjection) ¡viva el Rey! long live the King! ¡vivan los novios! three cheers for the bride and groom! mañana no habrá clase — ¡viva! there will be no lessons tomorrow — hurray!

verbo transitivo/transitive verb