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Side-netting battlers and giant-killing tacklers: a football corpus


Although, by now, quite a few people around the world will be mourning their home country’s exit from the World Cup, we…

What is the longest English word?

Explore the longest English words included in Oxford dictionaries and whether or not a DNA string can be considered a word.

Word of the day punctum
Pronunciation: ˈpəNGktəm
a small, distinct point

How does a new word enter an Oxford dictionary?

Discover how we monitor and research language in order to decide which words to include in our dictionaries.

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Quote of the week

“Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is ‘elephant’.”

Charlie Chaplin


English film actor and director

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How many is a billion?

Is it a million million or a thousand million? Discover the origins and the change in meaning of the word ‘billion’ over time.

Welsh rabbit
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The origin of Welsh rabbit


Now often known as Welsh rarebit, this dish of toasted cheese was originally known as Welsh rabbit... but why? There is…