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The language of horse-racing


2 May sees the running of the Kentucky Derby, one of the most important races in the American horse-racing calendar, in which…

How do we decide whether a new word should be included in an Oxford dictionary?

Discover how we monitor and research language in order to decide which words to include in our dictionaries.

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Questions about language

Why is the alphabet arranged the way it is? How many words are there in the English language? Get the answers to some intriguing language questions.

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Oxford Dictionaries Community

Talk to fellow word-lovers across the globe, ask language questions, and share your expertise.

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“Many a word, at random spoken, / May soothe or wound a heart that's broken.”

Sir Walter Scott


Scottish novelist and poet

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fight of the century
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12 boxing metaphors you hear all the time


Although the sport still enjoys a relatively large following today, the huge popularity that boxing had over a century ago…