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WordWatch roundup: redaction, siege, and tiki-taka


redaction, noun > siege, noun < > tiki-taka, noun < > oligarch, noun < > Brobdingnagian, adjective < 1 2 3 4 5 redaction,…

How have dictionaries changed over the years?

Trace how dictionaries have evolved from glossaries in the early days to their contemporary electronic form.

Word of the day tenebrous
Pronunciation: ˈtenəbrəs
dark; shadowy or obscure

How do we decide whether a new word should be included in an Oxford dictionary?

Discover how we monitor and research language in order to decide which words to include in our dictionaries.

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Embiggening English: The Simpsons and changing language


The first episode of The Simpsons aired twenty-five years ago, on 17 December, 1989, and since then, English has never been…