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Can you complete these phrases?


How well do you know common English phrases? Give our quiz a try and see if you can fill in the blanks. [qzzr quiz="85270"…

How do we decide whether a new word should be included in an Oxford dictionary?

Discover how we monitor and research language in order to decide which words to include in our dictionaries.

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Questions about language

Why is the alphabet arranged the way it is? How many words are there in the English language? Get the answers to some intriguing language questions.

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Oxford Dictionaries Community

Talk to fellow word-lovers across the globe, ask language questions, and share your expertise.

Quote of the week

“Soon can mean in one second, Soon can mean in one year. Soon is a terrible word.”

Heinrich Böll


German novelist and short-story writer

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Oxford Dictionaries Apostrophe Challenge

Do you always know where to put apostrophes? Take our Apostrophe Challenge quiz to find out.

July WOTD quiz
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Vocabulary quiz: how well do you know July’s Words of the Day?


Have you been paying attention to this month's Words of the Day? Can you remember what a mesomorph is? Or what pyrophoric…