Nonapology and apology tour have been added to Oxford Dictionaries.
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Regretoric: the rise of the nonapology apology and the apology tour is adding the nouns apology tour and nonapology. These additions represent two related steps in the…

Questions about language

Why is the alphabet arranged the way it is? How many words are there in the English language? Get the answers to some intriguing language questions.

500 WORDS is back for 2016

Oxford Dictionaries for Children have teamed up with BBC Radio 2 to find the most talented young writers.

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Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge

Test your spelling skills with this interactive spelling game, with difficulty levels ranging from tricky to fiendish.

Bob Marley lyrics discuss many aspects of Jamaician political life and the Rastafari beliefs.
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Understand Bob Marley lyrics with these 14 words


Despite being one of the most popular musical artists of the 20th century, the actual lyrical content of Bob Marley’s output…