Synonyms of absorb in English:



  • 1 a spongelike material that absorbs water
    soak up, suck up, draw up/in, take up/in, blot up, mop up, sop up
    [Antonyms] exude
  • 2 she absorbed the information in silence
    assimilate, digest, take in
  • 3 the company was absorbed into the new concern
    incorporate, assimilate, integrate, take, appropriate, subsume, include, co-opt, swallow up
  • 4 these roles absorb most of his time and energy
    use (up), consume, take (up), occupy
  • 5 she was totally absorbed in her book
    engross in, captivate by, occupy with, preoccupy with, engage in, rivet by, grip by, hold by, interest in, intrigue by/with, immerse in, involve in, enthrall by, spellbind by, fascinate by/with
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