Synonyms of aim in English:



  • 1 he aimed the rifle
    point, direct, train, sight, line up
  • 2 she aimed at the target
    take aim at, fix on, zero in on, draw a bead on
  • 3 undergraduates aiming for a degree
    work toward, be after, set one's sights on, try for, strive for, aspire to, endeavor to achieve
    formal essay for
  • 4 this system is aimed at the home entertainment market
    target at, intend for, destine for, direct at, design for, tailor for, market to, pitch to/at
  • 5 we aim to give you the best possible service
    intend, mean, have in mind/view;
    plan, resolve, propose, design
  • noun

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  • 1 our aim is to develop gymnasts to the top level
    objective, object, goal, end, target, design, desire, desired result, intention, intent, plan, purpose, object of the exercise;
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