Synonyms of back in English:



  • 1 she's broken her back
    spine, backbone, spinal column, vertebral column
  • 2 the back of the house
    rear, rear side, other side; Nauticalstern
    [Antonyms] front
  • 3 the back of the line
    [Antonyms] front head
  • 4 the back of a postcard
    reverse, other side, underside; verso
    informal flip side
    [Antonyms] front face
  • adverb

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  • 1 he pushed his chair back
    backward, behind one, to one's rear, rearward; away, off
    [Antonyms] forward
  • 2 a few months back
    ago, earlier, previously, before, in the past
  • verb

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  • 1 the government backed the initiative with $4 million
    sponsor, finance, put up the money for, fund, subsidize, underwrite, be a patron of, act as guarantor of
    informal foot the bill for, pick up the tab for
    bankroll, stake
  • 2 most people backed the idea
    support, endorse, sanction, approve of, give one's blessing to, smile on, favor, advocate, promote, uphold, champion; vote for, ally oneself with, stand behind, stick by, side with, be on the side of, defend, take up the cudgels for; second
    [Antonyms] oppose
  • 3 he backed the horse at 33–1
    bet on, gamble on, stake money on
  • 4 he backed out of the garage
    reverse, draw back, step back, move backward, back off, pull back, retreat, withdraw, give ground, backtrack, retrace one's steps, recede
    [Antonyms] move forward advance
  • adjective

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  • 1 the back seats
    [Antonyms] front
  • 2 a back copy
    past, old, previous, earlier, former, out of date
    [Antonyms] future
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    dorsal, lumbar relating to the back
    supine lying on your back


    back away

    there's no need to back away—he's a very gentle dogdraw backstep backmove awaywithdrawretreatpull backgive groundshrink backcowerquailquake

    back down

    all your begging is useless because I am not going to back downgive inconcede defeatsurrenderyieldsubmitclimb downconcedereconsiderbacktrackbackpedal

    back out of

    Charlie's backed out of the original agreementrenege ongo back onwithdraw frompull out ofretreat fromfail to honorabandondefault onrepudiatebackpedal on

    back someone up

    I was surprised when it turned out to be Dina who backed me upsupportstand bygive one's support toside withbe on someone's sidetake someone's sidetake someone's partvouch for

    back something up

    can you back up that statement with any real evidence?substantiatecorroborateconfirmsupportbear outendorsebolsterreinforcelend weight to

    behind someone's back

    the takeover was planned behind the plant manager's backsecretlywithout someone's knowledgeon the slyslylysneakilycovertlysurreptitiouslyfurtively

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