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Synonyms of call in English:


  • 1 “Wait for me!” she called
    cry out, cry, shout, yell, hail, bellow, roar, bawl, vociferate
    informal holler
  • 2 I'll call you tomorrow
    phone, telephone, get someone on the phone, give someone a call, give someone a ring, give someone a buzz
  • 3 dinner's ready—call the kids
    summon, send for, assemble, muster, invite, order
  • 4 the vice president called a meeting
    convene, summon, assemble
    formal convoke
  • 5 they called their son Liam
  • 6 yes, I would call him a friend
    describe as, regard as, look on as, consider to be
  • noun

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  • 1 I heard calls from the auditorium
  • 2 the call of the loon
    cry, song, sound
  • 3 I'll give you a call tomorrow
    informal buzz
  • 4 he paid a call on Harold
    visit, social call
  • 5 a call for party unity
    appeal, request, plea, entreaty
  • 6 the last call for passengers on flight 701
    summons, request
  • 7 there's no call for expensive wine here
    demand, desire, market
  • 8 the call of the sea
    attraction, appeal, lure, allure, spell, pull, draw
  • 9 it's your call
  • Phrases

    call for
    desperate times call for desperate measures
    require, need, necessitate;
    justify, warrant
    call off
    we had to call off the trip to Maryland
    cancel, abandon, scrap, drop, ax, scrub, nix;
    end, terminate
    call on
  • 1.1 I might call on her later
    visit, pay a visit to, go and see, drop in on, pop in on, visit with
  • 2.1 he called on the government to hold a plebiscite
    appeal to, ask, request, petition, urge, exhort
  • 3.1 we are able to call on qualified staff
    have recourse to, avail oneself of, draw on, make use of
  • call the shots
    if she's gonna call the shots from now on, I'm not gonna stick around
    be in charge, be in control, be the boss, be at the helm/wheel, be in the driver's seat, pull the strings, run the show, rule the roost
    call to mind
    this calls to mind the last constitutional debate
    evoke, bring to mind, call up, conjure up
    call up
  • 1.1 Roland called me up to ask me out See sense 2 of the verb
  • 2.1 they called up the reservists
    enlist, recruit, conscript;
  • 3.1 he was called up from the minors
    select, pick, choose
  • on call
    Dr. Merton is on call this evening
    on duty, on standby, available
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