Synonyms of catch in English:



  • 1 he caught the ball
    seize, grab, snatch, take hold of, grasp, grip, trap, clutch, clench; receive, get, intercept
    [Antonyms] drop
  • 2 we've caught the thief
    capture, seize; apprehend, arrest, take prisoner/captive, take into custody; trap, snare, ensnare; net, hook, land
    informal nab, collar, run in, bust
    [Antonyms] release
  • 3 her heel caught in a hole
    become trapped, become entangled, snag
  • 4 she caught the last bus
    be in time for, make, get; board, get on, step aboard
    [Antonyms] miss
  • 5 they were caught siphoning gas
    discover, find, come upon/across, stumble on, chance on; surprise, catch red-handed, catch in the act
  • 6 it caught his imagination
    engage, capture, attract, draw, grab, grip, seize; hold, absorb, engross
  • 7 she caught a trace of aftershave
    [Antonyms] miss
  • 8 I couldn't catch what she was saying
    hear, perceive, discern, make out; understand, comprehend, grasp, apprehend
    informal get, get the drift of, figure out
  • 9 it caught the flavor of the sixties
    evoke, conjure up, call to mind, recall, encapsulate, capture
  • 10 the blow caught her on the side of her face
    hit, strike, slap, smack, bang
    [Antonyms] miss
  • 11 he caught malaria
    become infected with, contract, get, fall ill with, be taken ill with, develop, come down with, be struck down with
    [Antonyms] escape
  • 12 the kindling wouldn't catch
    ignite, start burning, catch fire, kindle
  • noun

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  • 1 he inspected the catch
    haul, net, bag, yield
  • 2 he secured the catch
    latch, lock, fastener, clasp, hasp
  • 3 it looks great, but there's a catch
  • Phrases

    catch on

  • 1.1 radio soon caught on
    become popular, become fashionable, take off, boom, flourish, thrive
  • 2.1 I caught on fast
    understand, comprehend, learn, see the light
  • catch up to

    police didn’t catch up to him until he stopped for gas and foodreachbe even withgain onclose in on

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    Synonyms of catch in English:



  • 1 he wanted to do the right thing, but either decision would hurt somebody—it was a classic catch-22
    dilemma, quandary, vicious circle; catch; chicken-and-egg problem
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