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Synonyms of clear in English:


  • 1 clear instructions
    [Antonyms] vague
  • 2 a clear case of harassment
    [Antonyms] vague, possible
  • 3 clear water
    [Antonyms] murky, opaque
  • 4 a clear blue sky
    bright, cloudless, unclouded, without a cloud in the sky
    [Antonyms] cloudy
  • 5 her clear complexion
    unblemished, spot-free
    [Antonyms] spotty, pimply
  • 6 Rosa's clear voice
    distinct, bell-like, as clear as a bell
    [Antonyms] muffled
  • 7 the road was clear a clear view
    [Antonyms] limited, obstructed
  • 8 a clear conscience
    untroubled, undisturbed, unperturbed, unconcerned, having no qualms;
    peaceful, at peace, tranquil, serene, calm, easy
    [Antonyms] guilty
  • adverb

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  • 1 stand clear of the doors
    away from, apart from, at a (safe) distance from, out of contact with
  • 2 Tommy's voice came loud and clear
    distinctly, clearly, as clear as a bell, plainly, audibly
  • 3 he has time to get clear away
  • verb

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  • 1 the sky cleared briefly
    brighten (up), lighten, clear up, become bright/brighter, become light/lighter, become sunny
  • 2 the drizzle had cleared
    disappear, go away, end;
    peter out, fade, wear off, decrease, lessen, diminish
  • 3 together they cleared the table
    empty, unload, unburden, strip
  • 4 clearing drains
    unblock, unstop
  • 5 staff cleared the building
    evacuate, empty;
  • 6 Karen cleared the dirty dishes
    remove, take away, carry away, tidy up
  • 7 I cleared the bar on my first attempt
    go over, pass over, sail over;
    jump (over), vault (over), leap (over), hurdle
  • 8 he was cleared by an appeals court
    acquit, declare innocent, find not guilty;
    informal let off (the hook)
    formal exculpate
  • 9 I was cleared to work on the atomic project
    authorize, give permission, permit, allow, pass, accept, endorse, license, sanction, give approval, give consent
    informal OK, give the OK, give the thumbs up, give the green light, give the go-ahead
  • 10 I cleared $50,000 profit
    net, make/realize a profit of, take home, pocket;
    gain, earn, make, get, bring in, pull in
  • Phrases

    clear out
  • 1.1 informal we were told to clear out immediately See leave1 (sense 1)
  • 2.1 we cleared out the junk room
    empty (out);
    tidy (up), declutter, clean up, clear up
  • 3.1 clear out the old equipment
    informal chuck (out), deep-six, ditch, trash
  • clear up
  • 1.1 I hope it clears up before the party See sense 1 of the verb
  • 2.1 we've cleared up the problem
    solve, resolve, straighten out, find an/the answer to;
    informal crack, figure out
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