Synonyms of collect in English:



  • 1 he collected the rubbish she collects figurines
    gather, accumulate, assemble;
    amass, stockpile, pile up, heap up, store (up), hoard, save;
    mass, accrue
    [Antonyms] squander, distribute
  • 2 a crowd collected in the square
    gather, assemble, meet, muster, congregate, convene, converge, flock together
    [Antonyms] disperse
  • 3 I must collect the children
    fetch, go/come to get, call for, meet
    [Antonyms] take, drop off
  • 4 they collect money for charity
    raise, appeal for, ask for, solicit;
    obtain, acquire, gather
    [Antonyms] give away, distribute
  • 5 he paused to collect himself
    recover, regain one's composure, pull oneself together, steady oneself
    informal get a grip (on oneself)
    [Antonyms] disperse, distribute
  • 6 she collected her thoughts
    gather, summon (up), muster, get together, marshal
    [Antonyms] disperse, distribute
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