Synonyms of crawl in English:



  • 1 they crawled under the table
    creep, worm one's way, go on all fours, go on hands and knees, wriggle, slither, squirm, scrabble
  • 2 informal I'm not going to go crawling to him
    grovel to, ingratiate oneself with, be obsequious to, kowtow to, pander to, toady to, truckle to, bow and scrape to, dance attendance on, curry favor with, make up to, fawn on/over
    informal suck up to, lick someone's boots, butter up
  • 3 the place was crawling with soldiers
    be full of, overflow with, teem with, be packed with, be crowded with, be alive with, be overrun with, swarm with, be bristling with, be infested with, be thick with
    informal be lousy with, be jam-packed with, be chock-full of

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