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Synonyms of creative in English:


  • 1 our students are encouraged to be creative
    inventive, imaginative, innovative, experimental, original;
    artistic, expressive, inspired, visionary;
    enterprising, resourceful
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    creative, imaginative, ingenious, inventive, original, resourceful
    Everyone likes to think that he or she is creative, which is used to describe the active, exploratory minds possessed by artists, writers, and inventors ( a creative approach to problem-solving). Today, however, creative has become an advertising buzzword ( creative cooking; creative hair-styling) that simply means new or different. Original is more specific and limited in scope. Someone who is original comes up with things that no one else has thought of ( an original approach to constructing a doghouse), or thinks in an independent and creative way ( a highly original filmmaker). Imaginative implies having an active and creative imagination, which often means that the person visualizes things quite differently than the way they appear in the real world ( imaginative illustrations for a children's book). The practical side of imaginative is inventive; the inventive person figures out how to make things work ( an inventive solution to the problem of getting a wheelchair into a van). But where an inventive mind tends to come up with solutions to problems it has posed for itself, a resourceful mind deals successfully with externally imposed problems or limitations ( a resourceful child can amuse herself with simple wooden blocks). Someone who is ingenious is both inventive and resourceful, with a dose of cleverness thrown in ( the ingenious idea of using recycled plastic to create a warm, fleecelike fabric).
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