Synonyms of deadly in English:



  • 1 these drugs can be deadly
    fatal, lethal, mortal, death-dealing, life-threatening;
    dangerous, injurious, harmful, detrimental, deleterious, unhealthy;
    literary deathly
    [Antonyms] harmless, beneficial
  • 2 deadly enemies
    mortal, irreconcilable, implacable, unappeasable, unforgiving, remorseless, merciless, pitiless;
    bitter, hostile, antagonistic
  • 3 I noticed their deadly seriousness
    intense, great, marked, extreme
    [Antonyms] mild
  • 4 he was deadly pale
    deathly, ghostly, ashen, white, pallid, wan, pale;
  • 5 his aim is deadly
    unerring, unfailing, impeccable, perfect, flawless, faultless;
    sure, true, precise, accurate, exact, bang on
    [Antonyms] inaccurate, poor
  • 6 informal life here can be deadly See boring
  • adverb

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  • 1 deadly calm
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