Synonyms of deal in English:



  • 1 completion of the deal
  • verb

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  • 1 how to deal with difficult children
    cope with, handle, manage, treat, take care of, take charge of, take in hand, sort out, tackle, take on;
    act toward, behave toward
  • 2 the article deals with advances in chemistry
    concern, be about, have to do with, discuss, consider, cover, pertain to;
    tackle, study, explore, investigate, examine, review, analyze
  • 3 the company deals in high-tech goods
    trade in, buy and sell;
    sell, peddle, purvey, supply, stock, market, merchandise;
    traffic, smuggle
    informal push
  • 4 the cards were dealt
    distribute, give out, share out, divide out, hand out, pass out, pass around, dole out, dispense, allocate
    informal divvy up
  • 5 the court dealt a blow to government reforms
    deliver, administer, dispense, inflict, give, impose;
  • Phrases

    a great deal/a good deal

    under a great deal of pressure there's a good deal of unfinished work here
    a lot, a large amount, a fair amount, much, plenty
    informal lots, loads, heaps, bags, masses, tons, stacks

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