Synonyms of dispense in English:



  • 1 servants dispensed the drinks
    distribute, pass around, hand out, dole out, dish out, share out;
    allocate, supply, allot, apportion
  • 2 the soldiers dispensed summary justice
    administer, deliver, issue, discharge, deal out, mete out
  • 3 dispensing medicines
    prepare, make up;
    supply, provide, sell
  • 4 the Pope dispensed him from his impediment
    exempt, excuse, except, release, let off, reprieve, absolve
  • Phrases

    dispense with

  • 1.1 let's dispense with the formalities
    waive, omit, drop, leave out, forgo;
    do away with, give something a miss
  • 2.1 he dispensed with his crutches
    get rid of, throw away/out, dispose of, discard;
    manage without, cope without
    informal ditch, scrap, dump, deep-six, chuck
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