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Synonyms of do in English:


  • 1 she does most of the manual work
    carry out, undertake, discharge, execute, perform, accomplish, achieve;
    bring about/off, engineer
    informal pull off
    formal effectuate
  • 2 they can do as they please
  • 3 regular coffee will do
    suffice, be adequate, be satisfactory, fill/fit the bill, serve one's purpose, meet one's needs
  • 4 the boys will do the dinner
    prepare, make, get ready, see to, arrange, organize, be responsible for, be in charge of
    informal fix
  • 5 the company is doing a new range of footwear a portrait I am doing
    make, create, produce, turn out, design, manufacture;
    paint, draw, sketch
    informal knock off
  • 6 each room was done in a different color
    decorate, furnish, ornament, deck out, trick out
    informal do up
  • 7 the maid did her hair
    style, arrange, adjust;
    brush, comb, wash, dry, cut
    informal fix
  • 8 I am doing a show to raise money
    put on, present, produce;
    perform in, act in, take part in, participate in
  • 9 you've done me a favor
    grant, pay, render, give
  • 10 show me how to do these equations
    work out, figure out, calculate;
    solve, resolve
  • 11 she's doing archaeology
    study, learn, take a course in
  • 12 what does he do?
    have as a job, have as a profession, be employed at, earn a living at
  • 13 he is doing well at college
    get on/along, progress, fare, manage, cope;
    succeed, prosper
  • 14 he was doing 25 mph over the speed limit
    drive at, travel at, move at
  • 15 the cyclists do 30 kilometers per day
    travel (over), journey, cover, traverse, achieve, notch up, log
    informal chalk up
  • 16 informal we're doing Scotland this summer
    visit, tour, sightsee in
  • noun

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  • 1 informal he invited us to a grand do
    party, reception, gathering, celebration, function, after-party, social event/occasion, social, soirée
    informal bash, shindig
  • Phrases

    do away with
  • 1.1 they want to do away with the old customs
    abolish, get rid of, discard, remove, eliminate, discontinue, stop, end, terminate, put an end to, put a stop to, dispense with, drop, abandon, give up
    informal scrap, ditch, dump, deep-six
  • 2.1 informal she tried to do away with her husband See kill (sense 1 of the verb)
  • do in
  • 1.1 the poor devil's been done in See kill (sense 1 of the verb)
  • 2.1 the long walk home did me in
    wear out, tire out, exhaust, fatigue, weary, overtire, drain
    informal take it out of
  • 3.1 I did my back in
    injure, hurt, damage
  • do out of
    informal she nearly succeeded in doing Martin out of his inheritance
    swindle out of, cheat out of, trick out of, deprive of
    informal con out of, diddle out of
    do up
  • 1.1 she did up her bootlace
    fasten, tie (up), lace, knot;
    make fast, secure
  • 2.1 informal he's had his house done up
    renovate, refurbish, refit, redecorate, decorate, revamp, make over, modernize, improve, spruce up, smarten up
    informal give something a facelift, rehab, tart up, pimp
  • do without
    we learned to do without many of the luxuries we had become accustomed to
    forgo, dispense with, abstain from, refrain from, eschew, give up, cut out, renounce, manage without
    formal forswear
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