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Synonyms of draw in English:


  • 1 he drew the house
    sketch, make a drawing (of), delineate, outline, draft, rough out, illustrate, render, represent, trace;
  • 2 she drew her chair closer to the fire
    pull, haul, drag, tug, heave, lug, trail, tow
    informal yank
  • 3 the train drew into the station
    move, go, come, proceed, progress, travel, advance, pass, drive;
    inch, roll, glide, cruise;
    forge, sweep;
  • 4 she drew the curtains
    close, shut, lower;
    open, part, pull back, pull open, fling open, raise
  • 5 the doctor drew some fluid off the knee
    drain, extract, withdraw, remove, suck, pump, siphon, milk, bleed, tap;
    Medicine  aspirate
  • 6 he drew his gun
    pull out, take out, produce, fish out, extract, withdraw;
  • 7 I drew on my line of credit
    withdraw, take out
  • 8 while I draw breath
    breathe in, inhale, inspire, respire
  • 9 she was drawing huge audiences
    attract, interest, win, capture, catch, engage, lure, entice;
    absorb, occupy, rivet, engross, fascinate, mesmerize, spellbind, captivate, enthrall, grip
  • 10 what conclusion can we draw?
    deduce, infer, conclude, derive, gather, glean
  • noun

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  • 1 the match ended in a draw
    tie, dead heat, stalemate
  • 2 the draw of the city
  • Phrases

    draw on
    you can always draw on your carpentry skills
    call on, have recourse to, avail oneself of, turn to, look to, fall back on, rely on, exploit, use, employ, utilize, bring into play
    draw out
  • 1.1 he drew out a gun See sense 6 of the verb
  • 2.1 they always drew out their goodbyes
  • 3.1 you'll have to carefully draw him out with specific questions
    encourage to talk, put at ease
  • draw up
  • 1.1 a car drew up beside us
    stop, pull up, halt, come to a standstill, brake, park;
  • 2.1 we drew up a list
    compose, formulate, frame, write down, draft, prepare, think up, devise, work out;
    create, invent, design
  • 3.1 he drew up his forces in battle array
    arrange, marshal, muster, assemble, group, order, range, rank, line up, dispose, position, array
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