Synonyms of drink in English:



  • 1 she drank her coffee
    swallow, gulp down, quaff, guzzle, imbibe, sip, consume
    informal swig, down, knock back, put away, swill, chug
  • 2 he never drank
    drink alcohol, tipple, indulge; carouse
    informal hit the bottle, booze, booze it up, knock a few back, get tanked up, go on a bender, bend one's elbow
  • 3 let's drink to success
    toast, salute
  • noun

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  • 1 he took a sip of his drink
  • 2 she turned to drink
    alcohol, liquor, alcoholic drink
  • 3 she took a drink of her wine
    swallow, gulp, sip, draft, slug
    informal swig, swill
  • 4 informal he fell into the drink
    the sea, the ocean, the water
    literary the deep
  • Phrases

    drink something in

    I'll just sit here and drink in the sceneryabsorbassimilatedigestingesttake inbe rapt inbe lost inbe fascinated bypay close attention to

    Definition of drink in:

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