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Synonyms of drum in English:


  • 1 the beat of a drum
    percussion instrument;
    bongo, tom-tom, snare drum, kettledrum, bodhrán
    historical tambour
  • 2 the steady drum of raindrops
    beat, rhythm, patter, tap, pounding, thump, thud, rattle, pitter-patter, pit-a-pat, rat-a-tat, thrum
  • 3 a drum of radioactive waste
    canister, barrel, cylinder, tank, bin, can;
  • verb

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  • 1 she drummed her fingers on the desk
    tap, beat, rap, thud, thump;
    tattoo, thrum
  • 2 the rules were drummed into us at school
    instill, drive, din, hammer, drill, implant, ingrain, inculcate
  • Phrases

    drum out of
    he was running the organization into the ground, until the other members drummed him out
    expel, dismiss, throw out, oust;
    drive out, get rid of;
    exclude, banish
    informal give someone the boot, boot out, kick out, give someone their marching orders, show someone the door, send packing
    drum up
    leaflets were distributed in hopes of drumming up support for the campaign
    round up, gather, collect;
    summon, attract;
    canvass, solicit, petition
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