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Synonyms of dry in English:


  • 1 the dry desert
    [Antonyms] wet
  • 2 dry leaves
    parched, dried, withered, shriveled, wilted, wizened;
    crisp, crispy, brittle;
    dehydrated, desiccated
    [Antonyms] fresh
  • 3 the rolls were dry
    hard, stale, old, past its best
    [Antonyms] moist, fresh
  • 4 a dry well
    waterless, empty
  • 5 I'm really dry
    informal parched, gasping
  • 6 it was dry work
    thirsty, thirst-making;
    strenuous, arduous
  • 7 dry toast
    unbuttered, butterless, plain
  • 8 the dry facts
    bare, simple, basic, fundamental, stark, bald, hard, straightforward
    [Antonyms] embellished
  • 9 a dry debate
    [Antonyms] lively, interesting
  • 10 a dry sense of humor
    wry, subtle, laconic, sharp;
    ironic, sardonic, sarcastic, cynical;
    satirical, mocking, droll
    informal waggish
  • 11 a dry response to his cordial advance
    unemotional, indifferent, impassive, cool, cold, emotionless;
    reserved, restrained, impersonal, formal, stiff, wooden
    [Antonyms] emotional, expressive
  • 12 this is a dry state
    teetotal, prohibitionist, alcohol-free, nondrinking, abstinent, sober
    informal on the wagon
  • 13 dry white wine
    crisp, sharp, piquant, tart, bitter
    [Antonyms] sweet
  • verb

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  • 1 the sun dried the ground
    parch, scorch, bake;
    dehydrate, desiccate, dehumidify
    [Antonyms] moisten
  • 2 dry the leaves completely
    dehydrate, desiccate;
    wither, shrivel
    [Antonyms] moisten
  • 3 he dried the spills with a paper towel
    towel, rub;
    mop up, blot up, soak up, absorb
  • 4 she dried her eyes
    wipe, rub, dab
  • 5 methods of drying meat
  • Choose the right word

    dry, arid, dehydrated, dessicated, parched, sere
    Almost anything lacking in moisture (in relative terms)—whether it's a piece of bread, the basement of a house, or the state of Arizona—may be described as dry, a word that also connotes a lack of life or spirit ( a dry lecture on cell division). Arid, on the other hand, applies to places or things that have been deprived of moisture and are therefore extremely or abnormally dry ( one side of the island was arid); it is most commonly used to describe a desertlike region or climate that is lifeless or barren. Desiccated is used as a technical term for something from which moisture has been removed, and in general use it suggests lifelessness, although it is applied very often to people who have lost their vitality ( a desiccated old woman who never left her house) or to animal and vegetable products that have been completely deprived of their vital juices ( desiccated oranges hanging limply from the tree). Dehydrated is very close in meaning to desiccated and is often the preferred adjective when describing foods from which the moisture has been intentionally extracted ( they lived on dehydrated fruit). Dehydrated may also refer to an unwanted loss of moisture ( the virus had left him seriously dehydrated), as may the less formal term parched, which refers to an undesirable or uncomfortable lack of water in either a person or a place ( parched with thirst; the parched landscape). Sere is associated primarily with places and means much the same as arid ( a harsh, sere land where few inhabitants could survive).


    dry out
    she dried out on her thirtieth birthday and has been sober ever since
    give up drinking, give up alcohol, become a teetotaler, go on the wagon
    dry up
    foreign investment may dry up
    dwindle, subside, peter out, wane, taper off, ebb, come to a halt/end, run out, give out, disappear, vanish
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