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Synonyms of dull in English:


  • 2 a dull morning
    [Antonyms] sunny, bright
  • 3 dull colors
    drab, dreary, somber, dark, subdued, muted, lackluster, faded, washed out, muddy, dingy
    [Antonyms] bright
  • 4 a dull sound
    stifled, suppressed
    [Antonyms] loud, resonant
  • 5 the chisel became dull
    blunt, unsharpened, edgeless, worn down
    [Antonyms] sharp
  • 6 a rather dull child
    [Antonyms] clever
  • 7 her cold made her feel dull
    sluggish, lethargic, enervated, listless, languid, torpid, slow, sleepy, drowsy, weary, tired, fatigued;
    informal dozy, dopey, yawny, logy
    [Antonyms] lively
  • verb

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  • 1 the pain was dulled by drugs
    lessen, decrease, diminish, reduce, dampen, blunt, deaden, allay, ease, soothe, assuage, alleviate
    [Antonyms] intensify
  • 2 sleep dulled her mind
    numb, benumb, deaden, desensitize, stupefy, daze
    [Antonyms] enliven
  • 3 rain dulled the sky
    darken, blacken, dim, veil, obscure, shadow, fog
    [Antonyms] brighten
  • 4 the somber atmosphere dulled her spirit
    dampen, lower, depress, crush, sap, extinguish, smother, stifle
    [Antonyms] raise, brighten
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