Synonyms of fair in English:



  • 1 the courts were generally fair
    just, equitable, honest, upright, honorable, trustworthy;
    impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, nonpartisan, neutral, even-handed;
    lawful, legal, legitimate
    informal legit, on the level
    [Antonyms] unjust, biased
  • 2 fair weather
    fine, dry, bright, clear, sunny, cloudless;
    warm, balmy, clement, benign, pleasant
    [Antonyms] inclement
  • 3 fair winds
    favorable, advantageous, benign;
    on one's side, in one's favor
    [Antonyms] unfavorable
  • 4 fair hair
    blond/blonde, yellowish, golden, flaxen, light, light brown, ash blond
    [Antonyms] dark
  • 5 Hermione's fair skin
    pale, light, light-colored, white, creamy
    [Antonyms] dark
  • 6 archaic the fair maiden's heart See beautiful
  • 7 the restaurant was fair
    reasonable, passable, tolerable, satisfactory, acceptable, respectable, decent, all right, good enough, pretty good, not bad, average, middling
    informal OK, so-so, ‘comme ci, comme ça’
  • Phrases

    fair and square

    face it, I beat you fair and square
    honestly, fairly, without cheating, without foul play, by the book;
    lawfully, legally, legitimately
    informal on the level, on the up and up

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    Synonyms of fair in English:



  • 1 a country fair
    carnival, festival, exhibition;
  • 2 an antiques fair
    market, bazaar, flea market, exchange, sale
    dated emporium
  • 3 a new art fair
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