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Synonyms of finish in English:


  • 1 Mrs. Porter had just finished the task
    complete, end, conclude, stop, cease, terminate, bring to a conclusion/end/close, wind up;
    crown, cap, round off, put the finishing touches to;
    accomplish, discharge, carry out, do, get done, fulfill
    informal wrap up, sew up, polish off
    [Antonyms] start
  • 2 Sarah has finished school
    leave, give up, drop;
    stop, discontinue, have done with, complete
    informal pack in, quit
    [Antonyms] begin, continue
  • 3 Hitch finished his dinner
    consume, eat, devour, drink, finish off, polish off, gulp (down);
    use (up), exhaust, empty, drain, get through, run through
    informal down
    [Antonyms] start
  • 4 the program has finished
    end, come to an end, stop, conclude, come to a conclusion/end/close, cease
    [Antonyms] start, begin
  • 5 some items were finished in a black lacquer
    varnish, lacquer, veneer, coat, stain, wax, shellac, enamel, glaze
  • noun

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  • 1 the finish of filming
    final part/stage, finale, denouement
    informal sewing up, polishing off
    [Antonyms] start, beginning
  • 2 a gallop to the finish
    finishing line, finishing post, tape
  • 3 an antiquated paint finish
    veneer, lacquer, lamination, glaze, coating, covering;
    surface, texture
  • Phrases

    finish off
  • 1.1 the executioners finished them off
    kill, take/end the life of, execute, terminate, exterminate, liquidate, get rid of
    informal wipe out, do in, bump off, take out, dispose of, do away with, ice, rub out, waste
  • 2.1 financial difficulties finished off the business
    overwhelm, overcome, defeat, get the better of, worst, bring down
    informal drive to the wall, best
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