Synonyms of fix in English:



  • 1 he fixed my washing machine
    repair, mend, put right, put to rights, get working, restore (to working order); overhaul, service, renovate, recondition
  • 2 signs were fixed to utility poles
    fasten, attach, affix, secure; join, connect, couple, link; install, implant, embed; stick, glue, pin, nail, screw, bolt, clamp, clip
  • 3 his words are fixed in my memory
    stick, lodge, embed, burned, branded
  • 4 his eyes were fixed on the ground
    focus, direct, level, point, train
  • 5 informal Laura was fixing her hair
    arrange, put in order, adjust; style, groom, comb, brush
    informal do
  • 6 informal Chris will fix supper
    prepare, cook, make, get
    informal rustle up, whip up
  • 7 let's fix a date for the meeting
    decide on, select, choose, resolve on; determine, settle, set, arrange, establish, allot; designate, name, appoint, specify
  • 8 chemicals are used to fix the dye
    make permanent, make fast, set
  • 9 informal the fight was fixed
    rig, arrange fraudulently; tamper with, influence
    informal fiddle
  • 10 informal don't tell anybody, or I'll fix you!
    get one's revenge on, avenge oneself on, get even with, get back at, take reprisals against, punish, deal with; sort someone out
  • 11 the cat has been fixed
    castrate, neuter, geld, spay, desex, sterilize
    informal doctor, alter
  • noun

    informal Back to top  
  • 1 they are in a bit of a fix
    predicament, plight, difficulty, awkward situation, corner, tight spot; mess, mare's nest, dire straits
    informal pickle, jam, hole, scrape, bind, sticky situation
  • 2 he needed his fix
    informal hit
  • 3 a quick fix for the coal industry
    solution, answer, resolution, way out, remedy, cure, placebo
    informal magic bullet, band-aid solution
  • 4 the result was a complete fix
    fraud, swindle, trick, charade, sham
    informal setup, fiddle
  • Reflections

    fixing to

    If you grew up in the South, you used this expression a lot, and no other synonymous phrase—not preparing to, not getting ready to or about to—quite conveys the combination of determined intent with a hint of threat, as in, “Look out, I'm fixing to come over there ….”
    David Auburn


    fixing to

    are you fixing to start a fight?about toready toall set topreparing togetting ready tointending tosoon toon the point ofon the verge ofon the brink of

    fix up

    informal we need to get Dolly fixed up with a jobprovidesupplyfurnish

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