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Synonyms of flare in English:


  • 1 the flare of the match
    blaze, flash, dazzle, burst, flicker
  • 2 a flare set off by the crew
    distress signal, rocket, beacon, light, signal
  • 3 a flare of anger
    burst, rush, eruption, explosion, spasm, access
  • verb

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  • 1 the wick flared
    blaze, flash, flare up, flame, burn;
    glow, flicker
  • 2 her nostrils flared
    spread, broaden, widen;
  • Phrases

    flare up
  • 1.1 the wooden houses flared up like matchsticks
    burn, blaze, go up in flames
  • 2.1 his injury has flared up again
    recur, reoccur, reappear;
    break out, start suddenly, erupt
  • 3.1 I flared up at him
    lose one's temper, become enraged, fly into a temper, go berserk
    informal blow one's top, fly off the handle, go mad, go bananas, hit the roof, go off the deep end, flip out, explode, have a fit, go crackers, flip one's wig, blow one's stack, go ballistic, go postal, have a conniption fit
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