Synonyms of flash in English:



  • 2 informal he was flashing his money around
    show off, flaunt, flourish, display, parade
  • 3 informal he flashed at me
  • 4 racing cars flashed past
    zoom, streak, tear, shoot, dash, dart, fly, whistle, hurtle, careen, rush, bolt, race, speed, career, whiz, whoosh, buzz
    informal belt, zap, bomb
  • noun

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  • 1 a flash of light
  • 2 a basic uniform with no flashes
    emblem, insignia, badge; stripe, bar, chevron, brevet, wings
  • 3 a sudden flash of inspiration
    burst, outburst, wave, rush, surge, flush
  • adjective

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  • 1 a flash sports car See flashy
  • Phrases

    in/like a flash

    the police were there in a flashinstantlysuddenlyabruptlyimmediatelyall of a suddenquicklyrapidlyswiftlyspeedilyin an instant/momentin a (split) secondin a tricein the blink of an eye informalin a jiffin a jiffy

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