Synonyms of flush in English:



  • 1 Shane flushed in embarrassment
    blush, redden, go pink, go red, go crimson, go scarlet, color (up)
    [Antonyms] pale
  • 2 fruit helps to flush toxins from the body
    rinse, wash, sluice, swill, cleanse, clean
  • 3 they flushed out the snipers
    drive, chase, force, dislodge, expel, frighten, scare
  • noun

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  • 1 a flush crept over her face
    [Antonyms] paleness
  • 2 the flush of youth
    bloom, glow, freshness, radiance, vigor, rush
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    Synonyms of flush in English:



  • 1 the company was flush with cash
    well supplied with, well provided with, well stocked with, replete with, overflowing with, bursting with, brimming with, loaded with, overloaded with, teeming with, stuffed with, swarming with, thick with, solid with;
    full of, abounding in, rich in, abundant in
    informal awash with, jam-packed with, chock-full of
    [Antonyms] bereft
  • 2 the years when cash was flush
    plentiful, abundant, in abundance, copious, ample, profuse, superabundant
    informal galore
    literary plenteous, bounteous
    [Antonyms] lacking, low
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