Synonyms of fly in English:



  • 1 a bird flew overhead
    travel through the air, wing its way, wing, glide, soar, wheel; hover, hang; take wing, take to the air, mount
  • 2 they flew to Paris
    travel by airplane/plane, travel by air, jet
  • 3 military planes flew in food supplies
    transport by airplane/plane, transport by air, airlift, lift, jet
  • 4 he could fly a plane
    pilot, operate, control, maneuver, steer
  • 5 the ship was flying a red flag
    display, show, exhibit, bear; have hoisted, have run up
  • 6 flags flew in the town
    flutter, flap, wave
  • 7 doesn't time fly?
    go quickly, fly by/past, pass swiftly, slip past, rush past
  • 8 the runners flew by See speed (sense 1) of the verb)
  • 9 archaic the beaten army had to fly See flee (sense 1)
  • Phrases

    fly at

    he flew at Rodriguez with fire in his eyesattackassaultpounce onset uponset aboutlet fly atturn onround onlash out athit out atfall on informallay intotear intolace intosail intopitch intolet someone have itjumphave a go atlight into

    let fly

    See let

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