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  • 1 I joined in with the fun did you have fun?
    enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, pleasure; jollification, merrymaking; recreation, diversion, leisure, relaxation; a good time, a great time
    informal rest and recreation, R and R, a ball
    [Antonyms] boredom
  • 2 she's full of fun
    [Antonyms] misery
  • 3 he became a figure of fun
    ridicule, derision, mockery, laughter, scorn, contempt, jeering, sneering, jibing, teasing, taunting
    [Antonyms] respect
  • adjective

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  • 1 informal a fun evening
    enjoyable, entertaining, amusing, diverting, pleasurable, pleasing, agreeable, interesting
  • Usage


    The use of fun as an adjective meaning ‘enjoyable,’ as in we had a fun evening, is now established in informal use, although not accepted in standard English. The comparative and superlative forms funner and funnest, formed as if fun were a standard adjective, should only be used in very informal contexts, typically speech


    in fun

    the teasing was all in funplayfulin jestas a joketongue in cheeklightheartedfor a laugh

    make fun of

    the kids who made fun of Marty were total jerksteasepoke fun atridiculemocklaugh attauntjeer atscoff atderideparodylampooncaricaturesatirize informalribkidhave onpull someone's legsend uprag onrazz

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