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Synonyms of hang in English:


  • 1 lights hung from the trees
    be suspended, dangle, hang down, be pendent, swing, sway
  • 2 hang the pictures at eye level
    put up, fix, attach, affix, fasten, post, display, suspend, pin up, nail up
  • 3 the room was hung with streamers
    decorate, adorn, drape, festoon, deck out, trick out, bedeck, array, garland, swathe, cover, ornament
    literary bedizen
  • 4 he was hanged for murder
    string up, send to the gallows
  • 5 a pall of smoke hung over the city
  • Usage

    hang, hanged, hung

    In modern English, hang has two past tense and past participle forms: hanged and hung. Hung is the normal form in most general uses ( they hung out the wash; she hung around for a few minutes; he had hung the picture over the fireplace), but hanged is the form normally used in reference to execution by hanging ( she was hanged as a witch in April 1621)


    hang around
  • 1.1 they spent their time hanging around in bars
    loiter, linger, wait around, waste time, kill time, mark time, while away the/one's time, cool one's heels, twiddle one's thumbs;
    frequent, be a regular visitor to, haunt
    informal hang out in
  • 2.1 she's hanging around with a gang of marketing types
    associate, mix, keep company, socialize, fraternize, consort, rub elbows
    informal hang out, run around, be thick, hobnob
  • hang on
  • 1.1 he hung on to her coat
    hold on to, hold fast to, grip, clutch, grasp, hold tightly to, cling to
  • 2.1 her future hung on their decision
    depend on, be dependent on, turn on, hinge on, rest on, be contingent on, be determined by, be decided by
  • 3.1 I'll hang on as long as I can
    persevere, hold out, hold on, go on, carry on, keep on, keep going, keep at it, continue, persist, stay with it, struggle on, plod on
    informal soldier on, stick to/at it, stick it out, hang in there
  • 4.1 informal hang on, let me think
    wait, wait a minute, wait a second, hold on, stop;
    hold the line/phone
    informal hold your horses, sit tight, wait a sec
  • hang over someone
    the threat of budget cuts is hanging over us
    be imminent, threaten, be close, be impending, impend, loom, be on the horizon
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